Day After

So I can hardly walk today. If that's any indication of a really decent work out then I think I've found something that might work. Yoga tonight would feel SO GOOD. Too bad I can't go :( But yay for $10 well spent on that dvd. We'll see how this next one goes, wish me luck! Oh and this morning I weigh 2lbs more than I did yesterday?? I dunno how that's even possible, but I'm actually really looking forward to a new eating plan this weekend. And, I made the most delicious (or dee-yishish as some people around here say) smoothie for breakfast yesterday. Superstore has those mini drinkable yogurts now and last week they were on sale so I stocked up a bit thinking Kalea would like them, and she loves them, but now I do too. They were perfect in the smoothies and I didn't have to use as much milk/ice cream as I normally would. Yes I know the ice cream probably doesn't help it be very healthy... blah blah blah it's my breakfast!


Megan said...

Remember back when I was going to college and I worked at Booster Juice? I have those recipes MEMORIZED if you ever want to steal some intellectual property.

Steve and Alli said...

I do remember that, therefore I demand your intellectual property!

The Hatch Family said...

I want some of that property too ;)

I think when you throw ice cream in, it slides into the milkshake zone and out of the smoothie zone!

Those workouts sure do leaving you feeling the results.....just keep at it. I would like to say Jillian workouts get easier but that is a lie (you just start to be able to do thing at a harder level). I always think about all of those 300-400 lb people on the Biggest Loser and how bad they must hurt each day after working out with her!