I just need to blog about how awesome it is to have a kid who sleeps through the night- most nights. Some days Kalea just does not want to have a nap, like yesterday. She slept for maybe 45mins in the morning and then maybe 25 in the afternoon. Then by the time 7:30 rolled around and I needed to be heading out to my Abs/Buns class she was still awake- seriously I dunno what happened to her sense of time. Well it turns out that I had nothing to worry about because once I was gone she had no problem falling asleep in the time it took me to drive the 5 minutes to my class AND she slept until almost 7 this morning!!! Steve and I did discuss the possibility that she woke up in the night and we just didn't hear her, but if that were the case then we were both sleeping more soundly than normal- especially him. So thanks Kalea, for giving us a full night of glorious uninterrupted sleep, it is greatly appreciated.



So after hearing all about the Stake RS Enrichment Night I have had a few thoughts...
I am really sad I couldn't go.
I dunno why I ended up with the worst migraine of my life the night before and then slept for most of the day of, but it makes me sad to have missed it. I do enjoy a girls' night out and all the better if I'm actually learning something! I'm grateful that we have a Stake RS Presidency who aren't boring and matronly- seriously all my friends went and had a blast, nobody complained about anything, well EXCEPT Pres. Carter blog stalking!!!
Which brings me to my next thought...
I really hope he does read my blog! Seriously.
I think it's kind of awesome that he even knows how to use the internet, and that he can use the funner things that you find on the internet, like YouTube and blogs- I know right?! It's nice to know that he's so interested to know about all of us and what we're up to, I wish everyone had a Stake President that's this interested in them.
It makes me a little more aware of what I write, not in a bad way though, it's obviously still me. But it does cause me to think about what I want to put out there for others to read about my life?
And by others I mean complete strangers AND Stake Presidents!


Can You Say Cheese???

This is just a review of 2009 thus far...

Kalea drove us to Edmonton to visit friends and family for New Years! She is advanced.

This is Kalea with her friend Timmy.... And then with her most special GREAT Grandma!

Kalea is learning to eat solids- she likes grain... not so crazy about bananas, but neither am I.

Sometimes she just wants to hang out in her crib and smother herself with a pillow?!

Just getting her used to the lens- we've decided Kalea will be the bread winner in our fam

She thinks I'm hilarious... And then steals my thunder by making hilarious faces at me...

This is Kalea at the Inauguration of Pres. Obama- she's really INTO politics and stayed up all morning to see what this Obama guy was all about... I think she likes him...

Did I mention she turned 5mths old on the 20th? Where did the time go already???

She doesn't even fit her cute "going home" outfit anymore :(


What the...

I am amazed at my child... This sounds completely self-indulgent, and it may be, but this is MY blog...
As I sit here typing my little entry, my daughter swings beside me, trying ever so hard to reach up and grab the mobile spinning above her head. It is just out of reach, and she's not strapped into the swing... She almost knows that I'm ready to clip her in when I sneak a glance and realize she's making a back-bridge worthy of a gold medal, in an attempt to reach the spinning birds... How on earth did she get big/strong enough to attempt this kind of thing??? Now she's attempting to flip herself out of the swing- I'm sure she hasn't thought about what she would do if she were actually successful, or that maybe if she were to flip herself out her crash landing would be rather painful... It's times like this that I wonder if she's really just trying to get my attention, so I know that maybe she isn't such a helpless little creature after all... Oh wait, she's reclining again and sucking her toes through her footie pajamas- still needs me!


For Krystal

The thing Kalea is sitting in is called a BUMBO! I think it is the best piece of baby equipment created, thus far. We are loving being able to sit Kalea down and have both hands free to eat or clean up or play a game. As you can see, Kalea is really into dice already.


This is just for all my cousins that think the snow in Vegas was noteworthy... Here the snow sticks to the trees and rooftops, doesn't melt until maybe March and kids still go to school when it's -35C



So think what you will, but we inflicted a small amount of pain on our 4mth old this past month. Let me first say that it wasn't my choice to do it, but I was threatened that if I didn't come along, I wouldn't be able to take pictures of the big event for the scrapbook, so really I didn't have an option. I never met a man who wanted to pierce his daughters' ears so badly! It looks a lot worse than it actually was, she only cried for 5 minutes- and probably wouldn't have cried that long but they had to do her right ear again. In my mind she's CTRing it early, one pair of modest earrings- for life. I'm just glad it's over and done and I got my pictures :D Oh and FYI Kalea doesn't even realize she has sparkles in her ears- hasn't even touched/pulled on them!