Great Expectations... Or Not

Some of the things I like and love about Steve directly relate to how laid back he is. Sometimes it's a pain but for the most part it makes life a lot more of an adventure, and it helps me relax a lot more than is in my nature.
Like the picture below, I am not one to randomly dress up, it's just not me. When Steve asked me to go to the monster truck show (while we were dating) he told me to dress "white trash"... Um, that really wasn't a huge part of my life so it was difficult and according to some I wasn't dressed "trashy" enough, but whatever. Anyways, he has a way of forcing me out of my comfort zone that I absolutely love and appreciate (most of the time).
When we got married we didn't have an actual bed. Yup, we slept on an air mattress for the first 6-8 mths of our marriage. It was great because Steve loved to make the bed and it was actually more comfortable when he did, sometimes I really miss it! *He still makes our bed sometimes*
Steve is really content with just me and the girls, doing nothing. This is a new thing, but I think since he's away so often, he really values the time we have just being a family and I love that. He is such a fun Dad and helps me have more fun being a Mom.
Steve isn't super emotional and there have only been a handful of times when I've seen him genuinely upset. This is great because I can really tell when he's actually upset over something- but generally he's not ever upset with me over anything, even though he could be. He's a good balance for this emotional girl I know...
Steve doesn't expect a lot from other people. He is a doer, and doesn't often see the need for anyone else to help him. When he does ask for help, you can bet it's because he's exhausted all other options. What he does expect is that because he is diligent at the things he does, and helpful when other people need it, that eventually his abilities will be rewarded and his good deeds reciprocated. That's a nice way to live, I don't have that kind of patience with people!
Steve is really good at finding a deal- he gets this from his Dad. For instance, he got himself a big TV for Christmas at a really great price, but he couldn't justify spending a huge amount of money for a wall mount. So he's been really patient with kids' finger prints all over his TV for the last few months while he's scoured the internet for an affordable solution. SCORE! He found what he needed for about a third of the in-store price including shipping and now our TV is out of the reach of little fingers!
Steve works really hard at any job he does and sometimes at his own expense. He takes his role as provider really seriously and as a result he puts up with a lot more than I ever have at any job. He's determined and he's self-sacrificing in most everything that he does.
He will also probably be very embarrassed that I shared any of this on our blog, but I think it deserves to be documented that at 30 years old, he's a pretty awesome human being.


Sarah B said...

That was a really cute tribute! :) (ps: i can't believe you slept on an air mattress for 6-8 months!!!!oh the things we do for love! haha)

The Staheli's said...

Did I know Steve was 30!? yay for 30! Justin will be there in about a week! :) Great tribute. Loved the first picture. haha!

doyles said...

Aw!! i love this post!