Public Accountability

So if I tell the blogosphere that I'm starting a new fitness plan today, does that make me more prone to actually follow through with the whole "plan"??? Because I seem to have problems following through... K, well whatever. I'm sick of not enjoying my body. Can I be more honest than that? No really. Like, sick as in completely fed-up with what it's become. So the other night I bought 2, $10 dvds Jillian Michael's frontside and backside for beginners... I did frontside this morning and I'll do backside tonight when the kids go to bed. Kalea joined me for sit ups and crawled underneath me when I was doing my plank and push ups. I guess that increased the intensity a bit... I'm drinking more water starting today too... And more fruits/veggies and less of the kids' fruit snacks. Those little packs of fruity/sugary goodness really get the better of me. Back to salads, and hopefully with this nice weather I'll be able to start taking the kids on decent walks again. Bonus, hopefully I'll be able to get out on my own more often now too. I severely lack motivation to do things when it's cold out, it's even difficult to jump in the car and drive to my parents' to use their treadmill- so unmotivated. What else? I did go run on the treadmill the other night... a 10 minute half mile... Um I believe the cliche is 10 minute mile, so I have a ways to go, but I pretty much jogged it- even if it was a slow jog and I wasn't crazy winded/passing out at the end of it. I believe I can thank hot yoga for my cardio strength these days. I really didn't have much before I had kids, but I've noticed a HUGE improvement especially doing that dvd this morning- Jillian is tough stuff even when she's just your tv trainer! I've finally confiscated my 5lb weights from my parents house, so I can do my old bedtime routine on my "rest days" which equates to 25 sit ups, 25 push ups, 10 shoulder press, 10 tricep press behind the head thingers. I can't believe that was all I used to have to do to look half decent...sigh... those were the days. Anyways, I'm hoping I can get back to yoga soon too- my 20 class deal has expired, so my bday present might have to come a few weeks early. Even if it's just once a week, it's a really good change from the dvds... Oh yeah, I'm using my Carmen Electra dvds again too. LOL not the "sexy dance" parts, cuz we all know my moves are way better than that, but the actual work out ones... So I have always wondered how the heck the dvds even made it to production? In the leg work out section there are a couple leg exercises where they only do one leg, they completely forget the other one, so I always have to skip back and replay it so I can do the other leg. How did the editing people miss that? How did the trainer that is in the video miss that? How did Carmen miss that? I notice it every time and it's a huge pain in the butt!!! Sometimes I feel like I should get paid for noticing these things... Anywho, there, now everyone can ask me how my workouts are going and help pressure me into following through with the new "plan".


The Hatch Family said...

Awesome! I did the same thing last year the very first week I started working out....making it public sure has a way of motivating.
The Jillian videos really got my butt in gear. They are HARD but they sure gave me the drive I needed to keep going and get running.
You will do amazing. Make a goal to give a weekly or even monthly update on your blog for some extra motivation ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you!! I sat on my couch today thinking... If I was in Calgary where it was plus 10 I would go for a walk. It was like 3 here, really should have gone anyways. I need motivation too so please talk about your journey! I will tell you about mine! Come 1 week from now my husband will be home more and maybe that will help me to get out of the house to go running and even have a workout buddy to do stuff in front of the tv. Let me know how you like the DVDs. I might need to go get some!