30 Etc...

Steve officially turned 30 on Saturday. I guess the day was more than he wanted it to be... He literally wanted to vacuum out the cars and do nothing the rest of the day, is it horrible that I told him no?? I just didn't see the fun in that... maybe I'm super weird to him? Anyways... Friday night we went out for some dessert, just to say we actually got to go out I guess. It was fun and for the first time in a long time our conversation actually didn't really revolve around our kids at all... YAY! Ha, instead we talked about how to pay off our debt faster... fun, right? LOL
Saturday we got the girls and ourselves ready and headed out to... drive around aimlessly until I figured out Steve was trying to inconspicuously check movie times. Once we figured out what time the movie was starting we drove to Petland to kill some time. Can you believe I told Steve we could get a puppy in place of having 2 more kids and he turned me down??? I was shocked, I for sure was willing to make that sacrifice- have you seen "kim and kourtney take new york" lately? I am seriously scared to end up with 3 girls, all the "i feel left out" is still happening and these people are my age?!?!?! No thanks, I'll take a puppy. And no I am not pregnant, we're just starting to plan for the next round of crazies and I was really hoping Steve wanted a puppy because I fell in love with one... On a side note, why do men take women to Petland if they have no intention of buying them an animal? I really fear that Steve is going to cave someday and we'll end up with Kalea's choice of noisy birds... Anyways, it was fun while it lasted and then we had to get to the movie. Steve chose the movie Tangled, and the girls lasted 1hr... This is great progress for Kalea- she probably could have lasted through the whole thing but Steve had to get up with Brynlee. Brynlee's first theatre experience and I was pretty impressed, she did really well considering it was nap time and she had no soother. Kalea did get up for a bathroom run- see public bathrooms are the key to potty training this one. Apparently she sang the whole time she was in there- I made Steve take her, hehehe. When we were done there we came home for an afternoon nap and then headed over to my parents for dinner & dessert coupled with some Jimmer-time. It was fun and so nice that my mom told us she'd watch the girls upstairs so we could go to the cave and actually enjoy watching the game! It was a fun day/night, even if Steve didn't get to do any of what he wanted- he made up for that on Sunday by staying home all day.
Sunday I taught our RS lesson on Charity, which I kind've taught a few weeks ago. It was good and we had great discussions and I dunno why but I am really comfortable leading these lessons. I guess that's a blessing since my 2nd and 3rd Sunday teacher has been given a stake calling so now I get to use my talent more often until we fill that spot again! It's so hard to find willing teachers sometimes, we've been through quite a few in the last 2 years, so hopefully we can find somebody consistent soon. Oh the joys! Anyways, we had a fun weekend and are so grateful to be Steve's posse of girls, he's pretty awesome and we love him!


The Hatch Family said...

Love this post. Good call on trying to swap a puppy for future children.....a girls gotta try right!?!?!
I'm glad you got to have a nice little date and some fun family time......that really makes for the best weekends.

doyles said...

You are too cute! way to scare me with the 3 and then 1 left out... never crossed my mind! im thinking i'll take the puppy and forget two more!! jk (kinda)! guys are so funny with birthdays, they really don't care! glad it was fun and you got some "alone time" :)