The Kiddos and Our Upcoming Week

We are enjoying the kids a lot these days. Kalea is saying and doing the funniest things, they are cute, but sometimes super annoying... Like when I put her to bed while Steve was away this past week, we'd do songs and prayers and say goodnight and love you and then she would say "Mom wait! Mom wait! Mom wait!" and I'd turn around to see her with her hand making a "stop" sign, and the first night I thought that's what she was trying to show me, but now I just think it's her new "delay bedtime" thing. It's weird and she literally says "Mom wait!" about a million times, even when the door is closed and I'm clearly not waiting. Maybe she just gets stuck on the thought and keeps verbalizing it? Even when I say "what is it Kalea" she just keeps saying "Mom wait"? We lost her sucky/soo soo/binky/soother on Thursday night- actually my Mom couldn't find it and she was babysitting for me, so Kalea went to bed without it. Well wouldn't you know it, I couldn't find it either?! Shocking! Last night was the first night she fell asleep without begging and pleading for it. The meltdown that happened the night before was heartbreaking for her and for me, I almost caved- oh yeah I found it in the most obvious spot I dunno how she missed it. Anyways, I think it was a victory for both of us that I didn't cave and give it to her that night. She's doing really great at ignoring Brynlee's too, she steals it once a day, so that's not too bad considering how attached she was to hers. Yay! I think we're half way with the potty training thing... Maybe I just need to take her out more since she seems to always want to go potty in the public places that we go to... In contrast to other kids who are scared to death of the giant potties, Kalea very much appreciates their size and the acoustic sound quality of any public bathroom. Lucky us! She's going first thing in the morning and before bed now though, so I know she gets the routine. Success is just around the corner with that one!
Brynlee is quite the character these days too. She's so dang sweet and so dang demanding all at the same time! My favorite is the new scowl she does, it's like she's just discovered that she can control the muscles in her forehead. Steve pesters her just to get her to scrunch her face up now, it's mean/funny. She also does the cutest little foot stamping when she knows you're fixing a snack or sippy cup for her, she knows she's getting what she wants, so it's this little impatient foot stamp accompanied by squeaking. Cute now, probably not so cute when she's past the age of 3... She is really smart for her age- and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom. I really think having an older sibling helps the younger ones catch up real fast. When Steve or I ask "What's your name?" or "Who's that? (pointing at her)" Brynlee will point at herself and say "Nee nee" (her nickname) and now when she climbs onto the kitchen table or anywhere she's not supposed to be, when she sees me giving her "the look" she says "Nee nee NO! DOWN!" I don't even have to discipline her myself, she seems to have taken care of that for me! Ha, now if only she'd listen when she tells herself to get down! She loves books and still likes to sit in my lap and read with me. I love it, she knows just exactly how and where she wants to sit and there's no changing positions or stretching out my legs, I must be cross-legged and she must sit directly in the middle. She loves blocks and building towers to knock over. She is starting to sing to herself and when she wakes up from her nap you can usually hear her singing or talking to her teddy bear.
This week Steve has a BIG birthday. We are looking forward to hopefully having him all to ourselves on Saturday so we can celebrate. In the meantime we'll be posting favorite pictures and things we love about him all week.
These girls LOVE their Daddy. It is so sad when he's away and they ask for him and we do the back and forth "Daddy at work?" "Yes Daddy's at work" "Daddy home now?" "No, Daddy home in a few days". He is noticeably absent and very much missed all of the time that he's away from us. But we're thankful he works so hard and he is always welcomed home with squeals of delight and lots of hugs and kisses.
He might be turning 30, but he's still just a big kid!

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The Staheli's said...

HAHA...okay I needed to read a little lower. SO, apparently a HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE is in order. :D Hope it was fantastic!