Fun Times... Kinda Sorta

Well friends/family we have news... No we are not preggers again- all I can say when I think about that is EW. There are about a million other things that I would enjoy doing before that ever crosses my mind again, trust me on that one.
Steve-O is currently without job, kinda. It's actually kinda funny how it worked out. My bro-in-law runs a security systems company and we spent the long weekend in Edmonton visiting family and discussing the possibility of Steve working for him for the summer. So on the drive home we decided that Steve would give his notice in the next little while. Well, Steve went into work on Tuesday morning and his boss had a spazz attack because Steve wasn't there on Friday so he fired him! Now some would say this is a bad bad thing, but he fired Steve without "just cause" because Steve had given him notice that he wasn't going to be in on Friday, therefore bossman was in the wrong. So Steve had a man-to-man with his boss and found out some interesting things, and basically his boss apologized and told him to go home and come in in the morning to talk some more. Well Steve went back and told his boss that he'd take the firing, which was surprising to his boss. But luckily for us, the "law" states that Steve gets 4wks pay because his employer chose not to give him termination notice and he's worked there for over 4yrs :) It just happens to be just over 4wks until Steve starts working for our bro-in-law. So that worked out pretty good for us, since he'll be working away for 6wks in Ft.Mac. The girls are really enjoying having Daddy around, and well to be totally honest, it's nice to have a bit of a break when it comes to running the house and picking up after the girls. The only thing that seems to repeatedly allude us is getting every single dish cleaned and put away.
In other news...
Brynlee can roll tummy to back and back to tummy, but not consecutively.
Kalea has cut some of her back molars and we think she's having a growth spurt AGAIN! She's wearing 2T easily now, and her "little" feet are in sz.6 toddler shoes. She never ceases to amaze me with her smarts and holds her own in our newest fun of VERBAL BATTLES
Me: Kalea lie down so we can change your bum.
K: NO (body rolling, legs kicking)
Me: Yes please
(I wrangle her to the ground)
Me: Kalea, legs down
K: (kicking wildly) NOOOOOO
Me: It's pretty gross to sit in a soggy diaper Kalea. You don't want to be the gross girl, you're too cute for that...
Me: Seriously, why can't you just go on the potty like Mommy? This is so gross...
K: (high pitched shrill squeals) Noooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I do recognize that I am lucky to get to deal with this kind of behavior, but it is getting so old! It's funny to think about but honestly, does anyone realize how many diaper changes we have a day, and how often this conversation plays out IN ONE DAY??? I will count, for your information tomorrow- oooh I bet you're all so excited!
In Mommy News
Fern my "friend" (after last night I dunno) took me to SpaLady for an Iron Reps class last night. It was my first real workout since Brynlee was born. I say "first real" because I dunno that the Wii Fit really counts as a strenuous workout, but it's a fun way to burn calories. This class involved a barbell and 2.5-10lb weights. Let me first say that the 10lb weights never made it onto the ends of my barbell, no sir. It was an awesome class and went by way too fast. I dare say it was one of the best classes I've ever done, mostly for the fact that it seemed so easy to me while I was doing it, but when I was walking out I was really feeling the after burn. A+ for Iron Reps. Seriously, if you have a membership to SpaLady I highly recommend this one. I don't and therefore, guess what's on the top of my birthday gift list this year? If I only go for this one class, it will be worth it! My body is full-out rejecting me after that workout. Feels good. I won't even tell you how annoying I was last night- I don't think my endorphins have been that high in a LOOONG time, Steve was wondering what they put in the water at that place? Fern and I stopped at the Starbucks drive-thru on the way home- I got an Orange Mango Banana smoothie and it was pure heaven in a cup- with a straw. And might I add, the Starbucks Guy was just as cute as any Starbucks Guy I ever remember encountering. Do they purposely hire that type? I think they must. He offered us free stuff- free food stuff people- that's what cute Starbucks Guys do. I used to flirt with cute Starbucks Guys on a regular basis, I think Tara will remember that from our hot chocolate dates in high school/ysa? It seems like forever ago... Tara, we should hit up this Starbucks ;) Kidding. Steve thinks it's hilarious that I reverted to my high school self for a night because truth be told, the cute Starbucks Guy is probably YOUNGER than me... When did that happen? When did I become OLDER than the cute Starbucks Guy? We'll answer that another time...
I can't believe anyone has stuck around this long to finish reading this post. Sorry for the self-indulgence of it.
Husband Jobless for a few weeks= Awesome-ish
Husband Working far away for a few weeks= Not so awesome-ish
Kids being kids= Awesome
Working Out to the point of Endorphin High= Awesome
Body Aching for days= Not so awesome, but awesome
Husband mocking me about cute Starbucks Guy= Awesome
I honestly love my husband, he is way WAY CUTER than that Starbucks Guy any day of the week, his reaction to me last night was pretty classic. I think he was just wondering what the heck was wrong with me and when would I finally crash, but I dunno that I have yet. When I do I'm sure it'll be pretty epic though. I'm gearing up for a rough day tomorrow- rough as in I don't think I'll be able to move :S Wish me luck!