My Monday posts are usually positive and reflective of the Sunday I had. Sorry, this post is not one of those, although Sunday once again was a great day... well until... nevermind... I will post about the good part of Sunday later... when I'm less agitated/livid...
This is going to sound uncharacteristically rude of me, but after the last week or two of dealing with other people and their inability to think logically or make sense of their own actions I just wonder... Has anyone else ever wanted to tell someone to, in the words of Steven Tyler
of Aerosmith and American Idol,
"Go F*$! a Duck"?
Cuz today, that's about where I'm at with a certain group of individuals- who are not family, and who I don't consider friends.
Again, apologies, there is just no other phrase that could sum it up so perfectly.
And although I don't wish these people harm of any kind, I do wish that they knew how to better utilize the grey matter between their ears, because right now it seems like such a waste.
I need an outlet, I wish I could go to yoga tonight and just release everything,
that or I wish I could go kickboxing with our RS President, for real.
I guess I'll settle for a night of ice cream and The Bachelor... Ugh!


Megan said...

Everyone needs a good dose of reality now and again. And a big, fat, delicious bowl of ice cream.
Take a scoop for me! I just ate 3 chocolate cookies...

Sarah B said...

I gotta say, you have me intrigued on what happened...? This is probably on a totally different wave-length, but I totally get you on ignorant/self-centered ppl...on a daily basis I'll be serving someone at work and they literally hold their finger up to me and answer their cell phone. Can you NOT feel how rude you are being? Sure I'll wait for you, I have nothing better to do. Ah. I guess I am a bit more pent up about this than I thought...hahah.