Ewww Defines My Day

1. Steve had to get up around 5 to drive 8/9hrs to BC. Ewww too early and ewww the roads are hideous right now thanks to our first official "Spring Snow Storm", thanks mother nature... he made it safely though :)
2. Kalea woke up minutes after Steve did... and stayed up the rest of the day... with NO NAP... She finally crashed at 5ish... I put her in her bed, it'll be an early night for me too.
3. Whilst on the phone with traveling hubby, the kids were chit chatting with him and I noticed a puddle of spit up on the floor... EWWW! As soon as I turned to grab a cloth to clean it up, Brynlee made her discovery of it and stuck her hand in... lovely.
4. Kalea is obsessed with picking her nose lately, ewww. I don't blame her, she seems to have a really runny nose lately, so she's probably trying to plug her nostrils with her fingers, but it's gross and I have strategically placed boxes of kleenex all over the house just to help her deal with this problem that aren't being used! Sheesh...
5. Finger picking sometimes , scratch that, most times leads to nose bleeds. Today we had a grand outpouring, it was, as the kids say these days EPIC. How do you calm down a screeching, writhing, 2.5yr old when she doesn't want you anywhere near her and she's spewing blood everywhere? I sure as heck have no clue, but I tell you what, Brynlee was sure entertained by it all. What a gong show. Good thing I can handle blood without getting queasy, it was all over Kalea, all over me, all over a dish towel, splatters on the couch... Basically we looked like a crime scene.
I think the best part of my day has been discovering Kalea asleep, watching American Idol, and realizing that the shampoo I bought at Superstore smells like H.E.A.V.E.N. I had my doubts since my mother-in-law has been keeping my tresses well taken care of with salon products for the last few Christmas's and birthdays. I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing my purchase was $4 well spent. Now off to watch ANTM and have a "my husband is out of town" bowl of ice cream.


The Staheli's said...

Oh dear cousin, thank you for the laugh. I'm dying! Enjoy that ice cream and let's hope tomorrow has lets ewww! :)

doyles said...

I love you!! hahaha. ya, I have to agree, ew on all accounts! love the "my husband is out of town bowl of icecream"!! mine is more like "my kids are stressing me and my husband is working night and day JUNKFOOD! ...happens more often than it should!

Sarah B said...

oh nooo! Still thinking motherhood can wait a little while! hahah. I SO feel you on the "my husband is out of town" bowl of ice cream. Although he's out of town for firefighting school for 4 months!!! I'm off to get a cornetto. ;)