More Kalea Funnies

*When Kalea is between outfits she ALWAYS takes a minute to pause and say "Brrrr isss cold" while giggling and doing a little wiggle dance, only after she has done that can we proceed to put her clothes back on.
*"I princessssss" (she likes to exaggerate the "S" at the end of any word that has it)
*She is OBSESSED with pigs right now, anything resembling a pig must be hers and I'm not even allowed to "oink" anymore, only she is allowed to have anything to do with pigs.
* Sometimes Kalea will just say "Mommy" over and over and over again only the influx in her voice is what makes it hilarious/annoying all at the same time, it starts normal and then gets a little crazy with the pitch.
*When Kalea is sick of me she literally pushes me by the bum/back of my legs in the direction she wants me to go in order to get away from her, she's got strong little hands, sometimes it makes for a great massage!
*"I want snack... I want treat... No food" some of her favorite things to say
* When Steve is away and I have to play tough mommy with her, she will run to the door and yell "Daddy home NOW! Now home!" while pointing at the door or pointing as if she wants him to come through the door and stand next to her. It makes our "tense" moments far more entertaining, it's really hard for me not to laugh at her all day long :)

On a completely unrelated note I finally got a Kodak picture book done and I'm so glad it turned out so good. To be honest, it's not my favorite site to use because you don't have much flexibility with their online program, but we had a "free" coupon from one of our Christmas gifts, so it was worth it. I actually cheated the program a bit and ended up with something that I like a lot more than what they offer. Curious? I first went into Picasa and made collages of pictures from each month since July I think it was (the first half of the year was stuck on our old computer for a while). Anyways, from prior experience I knew that photo-books sometimes come out darker than you want them to be, so I made sure to lighten all of the collages except for I think the last two, oh well. It worked perfectly! When I was in the Kodak gallery program all I had to do was pick the page layout with the biggest "picture" spot, put my collage in as a single picture and voila, done. I ended up with a few more pages than the coupon allowed for it to be free, but I only paid $3.12 and had it shipped to Future Shop so I didn't have to pay for shipping! I wouldn't pay the $25 the books usually are because you don't have much control over the font size and other things that I usually like to play with, but the quality is really great. Hopefully I can find an online coupon somewhere so I can do the first half of the year now too!

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