25 and Counting

Well here we are 25yrs after birth, and I'm still here. For those of you that don't know, this is a huge feat, considering I almost choked to death the day I was born. The nurses tried to kill me by not suctioning me properly, too bad for them.
I normally love my birthday day, and usually I'm super excited for the whole week leading up to the birthday day. Not so much this week, and I'm sorry for whining on the blog- very out of character for me. It was just a rude awakening to the fact that life just really does not revolve around me anymore, at all, except for today :D
So Mr. Steve is pretty much the best ever, and I mean this literally. Not only did he hear my cries for a spa massage but he threw in a "luxury facial", which I am very excited about. This means I have to shave my legs- which I think is why he decided to get me the massage, poor guy. He also loaded me up with 24 bottles of Powerade because he knows how much I fear getting another kidney stone with this second pregnancy.*Powerade has electrolytes that help your body flush toxins out, I'm a real athelete* My other awesome gift was from Kalea. She slept all night from 8:30 until 6:30 and she woke up...*gasp* HAPPY!!! She also went down for her morning nap with no problem- not a whine or whimper. This means she still loves me! Oh and, today I don't feel nauseous, so thank you Fetus! AND the SUN is SHINING and MELTING the horrible, terrible, very bad snow! This has just increased my faith exponentially! Happy freaking birthday to me!


For Sarah... Because She Doesn't Know What To Get Me

1. Happy, non-teething child
2. A deluxe suite at a deluxe hotel for 2 nights- single occupancy
3. A full gourmet breakfast for me :D
4. A full spa day at a real spa- not, you know, EC where all the high school drop outs earn way too much money for their poor services
5. A trip around the world but only to the hot places with sunshine, where it never ever snows
That's all I can think of, for now, I mean I technically have until 4:45 a.m. tomorrow to finalize my birthday list, I'm sure it will get longer :P
I hope nobody takes this too seriously...


Sorry for the complaints but seriously...

So first of all, we had our first ultrasound on Monday. Steve missed it. I won't go into details but I will say that my hormones are going mental and it's best to just hustle when I say hustle. In hindsight, I feel rather stupid and have apologized profusely. I didn't even request a picture- because I'm cheap and didn't want to spend $20 for one picture of a fetus at 12 wks and 6 days old... Apparently from the ultrasound I am now due on Nov.1st, which is 9 days before Nov.10th, and if we're calculating from my LMP then pretty freaking impossible since last time I went 9 days over... Maybe the 20wk one will be more accurate. Maybe this child is just large. Maybe I shouldn't think too much about it. Things definitely became more real seeing arms and legs and heart beating, especially since I haven't been feeling very pregnant- besides the horrible mood swings. I can't even control them and would love to just go away for the next few months and come back with the baby and my normal happy self back.
Next, Kalea is teething. I think we all know what this means. No sleep, no sleep, no sleep, clingy, clingy, clingy, screaching eagle all day long, nothing soothes her. Last night, after a string of bad parenting ideas, ie. bringing her into our bed for a midnight party, I threw in the towel and left Steve to deal with it while I slept in another room. He ended up on the futon, she cocooned in our piece of heaven- NOT FAIR. Next time she stays in the crib, end of story.
Today I was just done. We stayed home. The weather sucks. I at least got Kalea to sleep from 7-10am but only with me holding her. I had a brief, much needed visit from a friend who was uncannily in-tune with the fact that I really needed that ten minute chit chat/escape on the doorstep. Naptime rolls around and Kalea's visibly tired and not feeling well, so I go down to sleep with her. "We" got about an hour... I need about 12 at this point.
I'm pregnant. I'm cranky. I'm sleepless. I need a vacation. I have no idea why we are having another one. Today makes me wonder if the joke's one me or what?
Oh and did I mention I'm turning 25 on Friday? We won't even go there right now.


April So Far...

In Summary:
  • Hayden's Birthday
  • Playtime with Rex
  • Constantly Standing/On the Move
  • Lots of Smiles/Talking
  • Easter Dress
  • The Bunny Came with Treats for Mom & Dad!


March Madness

This month was really full for us and it was a lot of fun! We can't believe how quickly Kalea is growing and how much she's teaching us everyday. At the beginning of March she couldn't crawl, by the end of March she was Army crawling-it's so cute- and she can pull herself up to standing beside pretty much any piece of furniture. I'm sure she'll be walking before she actually learns how to crawl using her knees- scary! She's also taught us that she is super strong and despite a few ridiculous falls in the space of two days, she seems to be functioning normally and actually seems happier now that she's hit her head a few times :P
This month was also Steve's 28th birthday and it was really fun for the three of us to celebrate it together. I actually made Steve a real dinner and it turned out SO good! He's pretty easy to please and I surprised myself. I think Kalea just enjoyed having Dad to herself all day- and I didn't mind the break to go get everything I needed done. That night we took Kalea to my parents for a few hrs so we could actually watch a movie together in peace and it was heaven even if I wasn't overly impressed with Steve's movie choice- mine turned out much better!

The Saturday following his birthday Steve got a big surprise party! I take no credit, his sister Serena planned the whole thing and I only knew about it a few days before. It was really fun and Steve really had no idea whatsoever that he was getting a party. Serena invited a few of the guys he grew up with and it was fun to see them all revert to their teenage selves. I won't post a picture but if you've ever had a phone conversation with Steve he has more than likely asked you what you're wearing, I generally answer with pajamas. If you ask Steve that question he usually answers with tiger thong or something ridiculous like that. Well his big "gag" gift was a tiger thong from his buddies- pretty funny/scary. I really do wonder about them sometimes and where they ventured to find such an undergarment?

It was fun to have the surprise party at the church so everyone's kids could run around and we were able to get a picture of all the nieces and nephews before all the babies are born this year. It's crazy to think that when Steve and I started dating in 2005 Jessica was the only one married and Andrew and Jeven were the only grandkids. 4yrs later Megan is the only one not married with kids and by the end of the year there will be 9 grandkids total. Time flies!