Life is sometimes just boring... until after the weekend

I don't have much to write today, really because I have promised pix for forever and have not delivered. My bad, don't worry, my facebook page is suffering too. We've been really busy, and by busy I really mean LAZY. No really, we finally moved into our townhouse on June 27th and since then have been rather busy getting our place together. Although, I think our "date" tonight will consist of hanging the pictures that have been sitting in our living room for the last few weeks. At least the basement is organized :P My "McMurray Family Reunion" is this weekend and we are all looking forward to that. We've been trying to get our place ready for our company to come stay, but lets be honest, between Steve and Kalea being sick for the last week, all we've really been doing is a constant cycle of laundry. YUM, I won't give you those details! It'll be a fun weekend and for everyone's sake, I really hope the weather's decent so we don't have to hear/talk about it for the next few years! I'm just excited that everyone's coming up here for a visit for a change. I only say that because this year is one of those years when we really can't afford to go anywhere (our bank account can prove it). We didn't get to do any Stampede stuff this year, which is disappointing. This is the first year since Steve and I have been DATING that we have completely missed out on going down to enjoy our once a year excuse to wear "country" gear without looking like fools! Maybe we'll go grab a free breakfast tomorrow to make ourselves feel better!