Sending Out Our SOS

Dear Winter,
You are causing us grief. You are turning us into crazy people that run out the door in our bare feet in weather that is hardly "barefoot friendly". You are making us do strange things like stick toothbrushes in our sisters' diapers. You are so boring that we are falling asleep in strange places, ie. the ottoman. We don't get to go for car rides because it's too dang cold to go anywhere, so instead we squeeze ourselves into another ottoman and "drive" around the living room area rug. You even have us jonesin' for summer so bad that we are wearing our favorite hats with our polar fleece nightgowns. Winter, we tried to find a happy medium, but it seems our relationship is going nowhere fast. It's not you, it's us. We're ready for Spring, we've missed her. We hope you understand. Please go on vacation, you deserve it. Your season has been long and you've been working hard. It's okay to take a nice long break, we won't mind your absence.
Kalea & Brynlee and most especially, Mom

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Sarah B said...

hahaha, that was adorable!! all the moms in canada seem to be writing those same sort of things! :( Hopefully it will warm up soon!