If You've Ever Wondered

The link below is to the blog of a distant cousin of mine, on my Dad's side. She experienced a traumatic brain injury as a result of a pretty scary car crash around American Thanksgiving. It's a complete miracle that she survived and is doing SO well.
I have just been feeling like this is something I needed to share, because so many people do wonder where they come from, where they'll go when they die and who will be there.
I think Maddi sums it up pretty perfectly, since well, she's experienced a bit of it.
You will need some kleenex, seriously do not read the post without it.


Thanks for sharing Maddi, we are continually amazed by you and grateful that you have the courage to share so much with us!


The Hatch Family said...

Thanks for sharing that Allison.

The Wolff Den said...

I sat down and read probably 75% of that blog--it was amazing to see her recovery process and she is the most adorable girl. Thanks for sharing.