6 Months and No Sign of Slowing Down

How is it possible that this little person is 6mths old today??? I honestly can't say that I know where the time went- I know for a fact that I was in a fog for at least the first 2mths of Kalea's life, so six months really only seems like four!
Kalea really is quite the rascal. She is fearless like her Dad-which scares me, and she is pretty demanding sometimes- I guess that would be from me :S That's a hard one to admit! LOL She is finally rolling from her back to her tummy, but nobody knows if she'll ever roll from tummy to back- which is fine because she's starting to "army crawl" backwards- pretty funny- and last night she learned how to scoot across the floor using bum and legs- it was a VERY slow scoot, trust me! I can't believe how LOUD Kalea can be. For one little person, she sure likes to make sure she's seen and HEARD. She's a great sleeper and is discovering the joy of just being in her crib. Sometimes we'll go check on her and she's literally just lying in her bed staring at the ceiling or, her new discovery, the crib bars. I am really nervous for the day that she realizes she can use those to pull herself up. Kalea is soooooooo strong! She has the strength of ten thousand men in her and sometimes she really throws her weight around. She recently discovered Mommy's hair, glasses and ears and she pulls waaaaaaaaay harder than should be possible. It's also ridiculous how hard it is to pry her chubby little fingers off of anything they're grasping! But it's a fun game for K and for me! She looooooooooves to jump these days. When I pick her up and try to sit her in my lap, she grabs my hands and pulls herself up into ready position. Then her little legs just start going- it's hilarious. She has a musical mat for under her Jolly Jumper and she can't get enough of all the fun noises she can make just by jumping on it- the rest of us suffer through it :P Kalea is definitely enjoying her baby mush and loves to make a mess with it. It's very rare for her to not be wearing her lunch and dinner by the end of the day. It's fun though, and I honestly don't care about the mess, it's fun to see her get so excited. We also made a new discovery at dinner last night. While sitting in her Bumbo enjoying(?) her wax beans(ew) the phone rang, so Steve grabbed the cordless and I'm sure if Kalea had been anywhere near the edge of the table, she would've sent herself right off. She can push on the table with her heels and move her bumbo, but last night, when she saw the lights on the phone she got so excited that she literally looked like she was riding a mechanical bull! I'm not joking. It was probably the funniest thing we've seen her do yet- we'll definitely post a video. She never ceases to amaze us that's for sure! We are sooooo happy to have this little bundle of energy in our lives, and are sooooooo excited to keep discovering the world with her. There is nothing better than being her parents.



Know what I learned yesterday??
The average American Couple
(this can probably apply to the rest of the world too)
spends ONLY 12 mins conversing with each other per day!!!!
It's no wonder 50% of all marriages fail.
Steve and I have decided that, to beat the odds, we will spend
13 mins/day conversing with each other
just so we don't become one of those sad statistics :P
*Please note Steve and I do spend way more time talking to each other daily than 13mins
and feel very badly about the misfortune of others, this is just an interesting statistic*


Valentine's and All Year Too!

It must be some sort of "rule" that all women must blog about how much they love their husbands on Valentine's Day. So to be fair to mine- because, I really do love him on Valentine's Day and most other days of the year- I dedicate this post to telling the world everything it should already be aware of.

Reasons for Loving My Husband...this seems rather odd...
1. Because I decided to a looooong time ago and thus, to prevent failing myself in any way, shape or form, I choose to happily continue
2. Because he cleans better than I do-really he does
3. Because he can make me laugh and cry at the same time
4. Because he is so sooooooo Sooooooooo SOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!
5. Because he takes me places other men haven't (or I never allowed ie. Monster Truck Show)
6. Because he has a ridiculous amount of optimism while I dwell on the reality of things, maybe a bit too much
7. Because when I started dating him I started wanting children- and he has proven that that was either fatal attraction or amazing animal instinct :P
8. Because he has sparkle eyes-especially when he's trying to surprise me
9. Because when Kalea wakes up at night he'll get up and change her diaper while I go get her bottle- he sometimes does both and lets me sleep :)
10. Because it would be detrimental to my health to not love him

These are really just a few reasons, I could go on and on and on, but he has plans for us today- I think to do nothing, but to do nothing together is better than sitting on the computer, right?



I took pictures of Kalea on Saturday AND she COOPERATED!!! Sooooooooo I won't post the pix until I get all her Valentine's sent out, but stay tuned for some AMAZING pictures. I really can't believe I took them with my dinky little camera- they are really too good to be true!


Some Days I Just Want To Play

Okay, so maybe I'm not like, the best mom ever, but today I was just playing with my camera- because I have never adjusted the "exposure" on it before- and Kalea(I thought)was going to be an angel... In chronological order, here is the whole ordeal- captured forever...