Today we had a great RS lesson about friendship. But before I get into that can I just say how much I love Joseph Smith? Seriously. Anyways...
Our lesson got me thinking a lot about where I've come from and more importantly who has been there for this crazy/wonderful journey to "Adulthood". A comment was made about how true friends are the ones you can just pick up where you left off with- even if it's been years. I totally "get" that. So much more than anyone in my ward could ever really know. I tried to comment a few times, but my arms were heavy and my eyes were SO full the entire time. And let's be honest, emotional, large/pregnant women just aren't attractive when they try to talk through tears- I can say that because I am one of them. So I didn't comment, but I didn't want to let the feelings of my heart go unsaid.
I have grown up with the most wonderful friends. When the lesson talked about how Joseph felt about each of his friends, I can promise you I feel the same way about mine. Steadfast, unwavering, kind, loyal, true, etc... I can put faces to those words. I think about friends who struggled with me through some really retarded situations. I think about friends who have lifted me when I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think about friends who I have laughed with. Friends I've gone from birth to adulthood with. Friends who are young and friends who are old. Friends who I've just begun with. I do not know how I could've ended up at this place in my life without my friends.
I always get "friend-sick" at this time of the year, maybe because it's the beginning of the school year and I'm reminded again that those years are gone. Today's lesson was an awesome reminder that I have been and continue to be so blessed with great friendships. I miss being so close to my friends- you all know what I mean. I miss stealing squeegies from gas stations. I miss late LATE nights/ early EARLY mornings- although I can't stay up past 10:30 anymore... I miss all the cheap movies we went to all summer long, every summer- I even saved the ticket stubs? I'm sure I intended to scrapbook them... LOL Anyways, I just want my friends to know how much their friendship means to me, and how many times they've been an answer to my prayers- in the simplest of ways. I wish I could express it the way I want to, to each one of you. If you missed the lesson it's Chapter 40, and it's so good. Oh and p.s. Julie I met a girl a few months ago and she has your exact same voice/laugh and I bump into her all the time, but she's just not you and it makes me sad- for her cuz I'm sure she's never stolen a squeegie in her life and how can you feel fulfilled as a person if you've never done that???



So it's been a while since I last blogged and trust me, the intention was all there, I even have a half-finished post to prove it- obviously not getting posted. Life has been busy this summer and between reunions/1yr olds/work/pregnancy/wifely duties there just hasn't been time. That and the fact that we have eliminated all un-needed expenses from our life ie. internet & cable, makes it a bit more difficult logistically to keep up with things. So my apologies. Some catch up...
1. The McMurray Reunion: It was great on so many levels, but my favorite part was seeing my Grandma surrounded by her posterity. I know that sounds super cheesy but really, how many opportunities does one get in life to have almost all of their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren around them for almost a whole week? Call me old-fashioned but I am looking forward to a day like that to keep me going in my "twilight years".
2. Steve's Job: I think it's safe to say that he is so DONE with machining. He's looking for a career, and I'm so glad. So we're studying hard for his police exam re-write and have a few part-time things that we're working on in the meantime. Thankfully we know some good people that know some other good people, and you know, fingers' crossed by the end of the week something solidifies.
3. Steve's car or my truck: Love the Aristo, it's really our first child, but it has to go. The same goes for the truck. But in reality it's easier to get rid of a car than a truck at the moment, so please somebody buy our beautiful Japanese child! This would so make my month- because it's the one goal I set that could realistically fail, and I dunno if I can handle it. You can rest assured I already have plans for the money- I've gone so far as to break down what expenses it could cover if we sold for 3 different prices. I'm trying to plan ahead people!
4. Kalea Turned One: That was an experience. First off, how is it possible that my life seems to be stuck in Fast Forward??? I was reminded by one of the YW in our ward a few weeks ago that "Stringham, you're a MOM"... Oh yeah, silly me, thought I was all 16 again or something for a minute :P What a bummer! No seriously, I love it. Kalea is such an awesome little girl and life before her might have been a bit more carefree, but it definitely pales in comparison to the fun that we have now. She is so busy and keeps me moving- which is challenging while this pregnant, but I am in a lot better shape this time around I am sure. She's been walking since she was 10.5mths old, so we've been busy for a while, but she's quickly moved on to trying to CLIMB everything she can think of. I like that she is constantly challenging me to find new and different ways to entertain/outsmart her, it keeps my mind working! We still haven't had her official party. It was the week from heck. We dunno how but K caught a really cruddy virus and had serious pink eye and had to be "quarantined" from other children for 5-7 days after starting her eye cream stuff. It was really not fun on so many levels. We managed to have her grandparents' over and that was fun. She went to town on her ice cream cake and I appreciated that I really didn't have to entertain anyone- Kalea puts on quite the show. So it was a good but not super fun birthday. I am thinking maybe this weekend we'll get some people together. So much for all my grand plans, but I mean, she will have plenty of cool parties in the future.
5. Pregnancy #2: This one is really kicking my butt. Maybe because it's so soon after Kalea, but man, I get pains now that I never had with her. Could also be the fact that Kalea weighs almost 25lbs and I lift her quite a bit... On the good side, I feel a bit more physically ready for this one, since Kalea has kept me in a routine of walking almost daily and I actually find myself eating at normal times, breakfast lunch and dinner- this did not happen with Kalea while I was working or after. So I guess there are pros and cons. I am excited that the end is nearing and I must be entering the nesting phase because I rearranged furniture yesterday and I'm going to try to make baby bedding for this one- I know, crazy idea! Steve is pretty happy about all that I'm getting done around the house though!
So that is that for now. I have tons of pictures but Kalea needs a nap and it's time for me to go be a mom, so next time.