**Warning: Birthday Gush About Steve**

I neglected to post yesterday on Steve's actual birthday because I was trying to be a good wife and clean the house and make a treat before he got home from Slave Lake.
I get points for trying to get it all done in one day, but I can admit that I didn't quite get to everything. Oh well!
Steve turned 29! I dunno why I am so excited about this, maybe because next year we get to do something really fun for his big 3-0? I think it must've been excitement to just get out on an actual date, just the two of us.
I'm so grateful for this guy I married. He is so hard working and dedicated to providing the best life he can for our family. I can't imagine doing any of this marriage/raising kids stuff without him. He is such a good dad and has a hard time being away from "his girls".
Steve is a compliment to his parents ability to let their kids be their own people and make their own choices. I'm so grateful they have been their to help guide him- and now us- along the way.
I feel like I say this about Steve a lot, when it's true it never gets old. I really am the luckiest girl in the world to have a guy that will work all day, come home and help me clean up the house, be so involved with his kids and still find time to make sure I know he loves me.
I hope this year is full of adventures and happy memories for my awesome husband, he really deserves it!
Happy 29th Skirt Boy, I Love Ya!

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The Staheli's said...

Happy Birthday Steve! He and Justin are the same age with birthdays only a week apart! Hopefully 29 is a great year for both our men.