It seems as though Kalea has a certain amount of affection for a certain alien these days.
I don't mind, I do too. Although I don't wake up and point to the TV and say "Eeeeeeee" until my mom turns on this movie :P
Kind of weird to think that Kalea is hooked on this movie from "my" generation.
To be totally honest, I used to like ET to a point and then once they tarped the house, etc... I was done. This may stem from my "fun" at the hospital when I was three and had to have a plastic "tent" around my bed while they pumped in oxygen/medication for my croup...
Anyways, it's fun to be familiar with this old classic again- thanks to Steve for digging through the giant bin of movies at Wal-Mart, his monkey arms are SO USEFUL :D

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The Hatch Family said...

I love when kids get hooked on movies that the Mom's can enjoy too cause seriously some of the movies they watch could drive you crazy!!