I Digress...

So I guess since it's a bed for a cat, it appears much larger on the internet than it is in real life... LOL They do however have dog beds that would work, but then again, I can always make my own right? Hilarious. My mom came with us to Ikea today- she was so confused as to why I had to peruse the animal section so intently- I am almost positive she thinks I'm crazy and wonders how I could've come from her loins. Sorry Mom!
On another note, I scored a really nice floor model table lamp for Brynlee's room from the "As Is" section- Steve and I have a love affair with this section. The lamp was $30 originally and I bought it for $15- with a lightbulb! I feel like such a dork that I'm even blogging about a lamp- I am SO not this kind of person, but alas here we are... I don't like the shade, so stay tuned for my adventures trying to find a different one! I love the process of putting rooms together- in our house it's usually slow because we don't normally have any spare change for stuff like lamps etc... But can you blame me for falling for this lamp?

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Sarah said...

Fun find! Do you watch "Sarah's House" on HGTV? She did an awesome ribbon covered lampshade 2 weeks ago, this one is different than hers and I dislike the colors but you could do something really cute & your taste:

Rachel asked to go to "A-Kia" today, but we are still cooped up with fevers and sore throats. I think i've blown my budget this month just keeping motrin & tylenol in the house! We won't be at church tomorrow but lets catch up as soon as we are better!