Eureka Pictures!

These girls are so awesome. They make being a mom a lot easier than it's supposed to be. Some things I'm loving right now:
  • Brynlee is starting to eat rice cereal! Not everyday, but she's slowly getting the hang of it, although she's the kind of baby that would rather eat her fingers?!

  • Kalea is becoming quite the little "drama queen". She's definitely headstrong and knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it-usually RIGHT NOW!

  • We are starting to find Kalea playing in her own make believe world. She loves to put on my running shoes, grab her purse and proceed to wave emphatically and say "Dye!" which is Kalea speak for "Bye!"

  • Sometimes Kalea insists that I sit Brynlee on the couch with her. They must each have a blanket and I must not sit with them. For two seconds Kalea will "interact" with her sister, then she proceeds to ignore her, until Bryn starts to cry and then Kalea makes sure I take her and make her quiet =)

  • The first picture is actually Kalea dancing. She absolutely LOVES music and must shake her hips to the beat.
  • You'll also notice how she loves to have baby wipes in her mouth- she is so weird sometimes!
  • I love putting her hair in pigtails now, although I have to do it quick. If anything takes longer than 60 seconds this girl tries to squirm herself away- she's TOO independent!
  • Kalea is discovering new things and she is loving her POCKETS! I think it's so dang cute when she puts her hands in them, she looks so grown up!

  • They go to sleep at the same time 7:30pm AND they both stay asleep until 7:30am! My mom was so impressed when she put them down the other night that neither of them cried or anything. I like to think this is because of some super parenting, but I know it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the fact that they just really like to sleep!
  • Kalea is starting to POTTY TRAIN! This was more Steve's effort than mine, but even with him not home, Kalea either takes her pants off or comes and grabs my hand when she needs to go. This is a really nice treat for me because I am so sick of the diaper changing drama-fest that seems never ending some days!
Ps She just took me to the bathroom so she could do her business- how great is that?!


Ashley said...

A hair doing trick. I sat lizzy on the counter with her feet in the sink and let her play with toys and a little bit of water. Kept her busy while I did her hair. Might work.. might just make a big "splash".

Good luck with potty training!

Fern Marusiak said...

I'm so jealous! I can't believe she's already on her way to being potty trained!! Also, I love those Pig tails!!

The Hatch Family said...

Adorable girls!! I love the pig tails. I used to do the same thing of letting Alysha sit with her feet in the sink and play with my makeup bag (she could do that forever).
Sounds like you have 2 little angels on your hands as it should be when they are so close in age :)
Keep the pictures coming!

Scott and Tara said...

Cute Cute Cute! Ps. Love the cute outfit Kalea is wearing in one of the pictures... you know the one with the yellow shirt :)

The Heavenor's said...

You girls are soooo cut Alison! I wish we lived close by, cause as your describing Kalea it was like you were describing Avery... headstrong, independant, good imagination, all that! haha, I think they would have a blast togeter!