Uploading Nightmares

I'm trying to post current pictures. But first I have to get them from the SD card to the computer... I usually do this via my super duper printer. Today my printer hates me and is throwing the fiery darts of Satan at me. It reads the pictures, goes through the process of popping them up in a new window when it's done and then spits an "An error occurred during transfer" message in my face and the pictures disappear... They just sit idly on the SD card laughing at me. Well, at least I can look at them on my camera and enjoy them...
Coming soon:
Kalea with cute pigtails
Brynlee just being Brynlee
And more!
Stay Tuned!


Sarah said...

Ha! You're funny. I like it when people are dramatic because I am always dramatic :)

Kim said...

I agree...you're so funny! You have a great way of writing. I can't wait to see the cute pics :)