Run Kalea Run... No Don't!

We had playgroup yesterday at one of the community lakes in our area, it was fun. Brynlee went to my Mom's so I could just worry about one of my kids and so she could play with the little girl my Mom is day-homing right now. Win-win! Kalea was pretty funny yesterday, I dunno what goes on in her little head sometimes. A bunch of the kids were running around in the tennis court area and she would not go inside to join them for the longest time. She just sat on a bench and kept yelling "I sit here!" I even went over to explain to her that it was okay if she wanted to go in the tennis area too and she would not look at me, total attitude and just "I sit here!" over and over again. So fine, I walked away and rejoined the moms, every once in a while glancing back to the bench to see that she was still there. I guess I must've got distracted in conversation but my other friend noticed that our kids had disappeared with one other. I stayed with her little one while she went and retrieved our kids from the top of the waterfall at the lake... Um, scary? Just a little and then I find out that guess who was the closest to the top contemplating who knows what? Oh yes, that would be my child. Great. Thank goodness she listens to other adults, cuz if I had found her she probably would've jumped right in. It was hard enough to get her to go to the park when we got there since she saw the lake and instantly had her hopes up to go "Swiiiiim swiiiim", now she knows where the waterfall is and can fixate on one of the two options the next time we go. I wish she would just go back to enjoying the swings (which she now will not go on) or trying to climb up the slide in bare feet, how do I convince her that those two options are way more fun than cliff jumping and swimming in lakes???

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