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So a wonderful longtime friend has tagged me in one of those awesome games of blog tag that I try really hard to avoid. As in, I avoid participating in these things the way I avoid spicy food and dog turds at the park, I either push it to the side of the plate promising to get to it later or gingerly step over/around it putting it entirely out of my mind. Nevertheless, since the aforementioned friend is such a good influence, I will follow her lead.

*Let's all take a big breath before we continue*
3 Things I Like About Myself... ewww

#1- I am a really good teacher. And I mean that in the sense that I'm not scared to get up every Sunday and teach a lesson at church. I actually find it easy. I like asking questions and playing the opposition once in a while to get a deeper response. I like to get people thinking more outside themselves and I like to promote decent discussions about the basic principles of the gospel. That's fun... for me anyways.

#2- I am honest. I like that a lot about me. I am honest with others but with myself too. I think that's hugely important in life.

#3- I make good choices. That reads funny. What I mean is that I have a consistent pattern of good choices in my life, and although I might not have seen the beauty of that when I was younger, I can definitely see it now. It's great to look back and have few regrets about major decisions like who I spent my time with or what I spent my time doing. I'm glad that I've kept commandments and covenants because they've anchored me and given me power to progress in life, they have never hindered me or held me back from anything good/great/wonderful. Huge blessings have come into my life because of my ability to make good choices.

1 Picture I Really Love

Now I get to tag people... let's keep in mind that there are no tag-backs in this game :)
1. Sarah with the Fantastic Symphony
2. Jacqui who is also raising an "energetic" child
3. Tara who used to think she had no talents even though she was always super organized & crafty & athletic

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Sheri said...

I might be avoiding this tagging with my life! i hate writing about myself in that way.
I asked Thomas what are 3 things he likes about me......I was snuggling with our dog at the time and he says "ummm, you like animals" as he laughs. Thanks for the help....lol!
Gorgeous pic btw.