Dear Husband

Today you had a funny lapse in judgement. Thinking that a hook (drilled into the side of our house) for hanging plants could hold your body weight. Actually it can, it just has to be screwed in with longer screws- which we figured out after it attacked your head. It's that child-like side of you that I love, throw caution to the wind and just see what happens! I actually loved most the tone of your voice when you called your parents' house to see if someone could drive you to "urgent" care. I love that we are grown ups calling our grown up parents to take us to get stitches, that's hilarious! Just another batch of stitches to add to the list, at least we know you'll have a sweet scar to show for it! Seriously, please leave the chair hammocks to the kids to play in from now on :)
Your not-overly-shocked-wife

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Mstronach said...

HAHA that is too funny!!