My Cherubs

I think Mother's Day and Father's Day are kind of hilarious celebrations/break days. Maybe because something always happens wherein Mother or Father inevitably has to pull up their bootstraps and, gasp, parent those little cherubs who have made them worthy of a "day off". This year for Mother's Day, I did not get breakfast in bed, or even cuddles in bed.
We woke up to a pukey Brynlee and a rip-rearin' ready to bust out of the house Kalea. It was actually pretty classic. Steve did a great job of dealing with projectile all morning while I took Kalea to church. It was nice to not have to deal with that all day long.
When I got home, I took off my pretty Sunday clothes and put on my "Mom with a sick kid" uniform. Happy Mother's Day! We spent a good portion of the afternoon keeping Kalea away from Brynlee so she doesn't catch whatever Bryn has. So far it has worked. Steve took Kalea to his sisters' for Mother's Day dinner and I cancelled our dessert plans with my family. I spent most of the afternoon cuddling my little sick-o. Not gonna lie, I love snuggling with her. Brynlee is not a really cuddly girl anymore, she's starting to get super independent and doesn't sit for too long- I wonder where she gets that from? So I took full advantage of her sickness, and thanks to all the baths she had, she had that yummy baby smell in her hair. It was intoxicating. She's still not feeling right, but that's okay, I'm enjoying our extra cuddles and all the naps she's taking.
These girls are getting to be so much fun. I am loving the ages that they're each at, and the different fun they bring.
Brynlee thinks every new thing is the best ever, ie. in the photo of her naked above, she thought stripping down to nothing and splashing in flower troughs was SO great.
Kalea is starting to use some really fun new vocabulary, coupled with her almost-3-going-on-16 attitude, it's awesome. For example, the other day Steve asked her to do something and got no response, so I echoed the request and she very matter-of-fact said "No, I Princess Kayee-uh" and continued playing with her dolls. I dunno how to not laugh at stuff like that, or how to follow through with the "do what I say" after she's just responded in that way, especially when it was actually quite a polite response compared to her usual "NO! Go way".
Somebody help us! LOL
I'm a MOM. I'm trying hard not to take myself too seriously in this "role of a lifetime" and just enjoy it. So far so good. I think I'm finally relaxing into it more, it's taken a little while, but I think I'm satisfied with the job I'm doing. Can I say that? Meh, my blog.
I just want to remember that even though not everyday has been sunshine and flowers, it's still been something. I'm so lucky to have these little people around me everyday. Even when I don't feel like being poked, prodded or bit or hit or slobbered or puked on.
I'm lucky I get to be home and experience that, and in retrospect I don't miss my other life as much as I sometimes think I do.
Ultimately, at the end of a chaotic day I get to check-in on those crazy sleeping kids,
and just take them in.
They are so amazing, I can't believe they are mine.

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The Staheli's said...

Great post. And yes, it's okay..even encouraged...to be satisfied in the job you are doing. :) Well done!