A Home Business Adventure

I don't even know how to start this, but I figure, meh I'm sure everyone has or will try something like this at some point, so why not try it now? I think this one could actually be pretty successful though. Curious? Shelf Reliance has partnered with In Case Of to bring THRIVE food storage to Canada. Pretty cool. They have great options for food storage that you can incorporate into your daily meal planning so you're actually using your food storage and learning what you can do with it before a life event happens that causes you to need to crack it open. I'm actually really impressed with their product line, it's pretty extensive and includes a lot of things that you don't see very often in the "food storage world". Since I'm a food storage novice I figured this will be a great way to get a jump start on it and help others build theirs while I'm at it. Right now they're trying to get consultants signed up so when they launch in a few weeks they're ready to go. There are also great perks to signing up now before the product is launched. If anyone is interested in becoming a consultant, hosting a party, or learning more check out the website(don't order anything yet though or you'll miss out on awesome deals) and shoot me an e-mail allison.stringham@gmail.com
We're excited to see where this goes, especially in the community. More to come on that soon.


Sarah said...

That is so weird because I've been thinking about exactly this for a couple of weeks. It's a sign!!

Sheri said...

Fun! Be sure to post a link to the website when it is all up and running so I can order some things through you. Such a great idea.
I just had a tupperware party last night but this sounds like an even better idea for a party.......you will have to come up here and put on a few parties down the road.
Best of luck, you will be great!