Overshare and What the What?!

K guys, seriously. Why do people put things on facebook or other social networking sites that you normally wouldn't bring up in conversation face to face with someone? Like for example, I probably wouldn't bring up having "the runs" in a conversation with anyone face to face, but let's post about it on the internet. There is a weird smell eminating from my fridge, but sorry no details on exactly what grossness it resembles, that's just awkward.
Also is anyone else receiving absurd amounts of spam mail that reads "Put more power in your dinger"? I don't even have a "dinger". Or mail about metal hip/knee replacement lawsuits? I guess I could jump on board that gravy train, oh wait, at the ripe old age of 27 I don't have any metal body parts yet. There's always the Zoloft and Prozac lawsuits I guess, although I think I'd need proof of taking those drugs before I could join the suit... But back to the dinger... no nevermind...

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