Easter, Oh How I Love Easter

For many reasons other than bunnies and candy.
I love reflecting on the life and ministry of our Savior, and the love that our Heavenly Father must have for us, to want so badly for us to have a way back home to Him. I loved that General Conference fell on this weekend and that we were able to gather as family to hear inspired messages of our Savior and His teachings that are just as relevant to us now as they were to the people He ministered to then.
I had a teaching moment with Kalea this weekend that was so tender, and reaffirmed to me that she knows exactly WHO she is, but more importantly WHOSE she is, even at her tender age. She hasn't forgotten and I am so grateful. Kalea was drawn to Oma's porcelain statue of Christ holding two children on his lap. I watched her for a minute as she carefully picked the statue up off the side table and cradled it in her tiny arms and smothered Jesus in slobbers. It was one of those sweet moments that I might've easily destroyed by running into the room and tearing Oma's "special thing" out of her hands, but I am so glad that I didn't.
Kalea actually motioned for me to sit down on the floor with her while she studied the statue and I had a minute where I could sit and explain to her who this was a statue of and how much He loves her. Then we put "Him" back on the side table and got back to playing with the toys she's allowed to handle and slobber all over :) I'm looking forward to more of these moments as she grows up.
Another reason that I loved this weekend was that we got to see Steve! Oh how I love that man and oh the joy from his girls when he surprised them in bed on Friday morning! Kalea was just wiping her eyes of their sleepy dust when Steve came bouncing into the room and she could not stop smiling or giving him hugs. It was so so sweet. And Brynlee, well she was pretty excited, tongue wagging, limbs flailing- she's pretty expressive from her head down to her toes. It was fun to see the three of them reunited, and I enjoyed every minute of rest/freedom! I even got a few really good naps in and boy was I needing those! I didn't grab a pic of the three of them this weekend- how ridiculous of me, just imagine Brynlee photoshopped into the right side of this pic!

We also got to visit Grandma McMurray, and it really wasn't long enough- it never is. I wish she had a bigger place so Kalea could "roam" better and not get into every last thing! But oh well, it was still a wonderful visit and if there is any woman on Earth who exemplifies following the Savior, it's my Grandma. She was so patient with Kalea getting into all of her things, and was thoughtful enough to even have a new Bible story book for Kalea to be entertained by.

For family who I know are reading and wondering, Grandma is moving lots better since the last visit we had- in February I think it was? She's recovering well and is being really diligent with her exercises- they're even taped up on her wall next to her bed :) It was a positive and really happy visit and she radiated happiness the whole time we were there- until we had to leave, and well, the two of us don't do well with parting so you can imagine how fun that was :(
I know all of our fasting and prayers as a family on her behalf are being answered and she had a great energy to her this time around. It sounds like she's getting lots of visits from friends at church and she's soliciting them to help her with her resistance exercises when they pop in! You know things are working when Grandma's not too shy to ask for help! Anyways, she's looking forward to her next visit with the surgeon in May and hopefully by then she'll be done with the walker and other mobility aides- she really dislikes having to use them, but I don't blame her!
All in all it was a great weekend. Lots of family and visiting, and lucky us Oma's cooking! She says she likes to show her love for her family by cooking and I think she must love us the most cuz we ate non-stop for 3 days! We love having the opportunity to spend time with our family and especially for the girls to be able to enjoy their Great's while they're still around. It's a beautiful thing to know that while they may not be around for the major milestones in their lives, our girls will be able to hear stories and see pictures of themselves with their Great's and know that they were loved by them.


The Staheli's said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I agree. Easter is a great time of reflection. And I can't thank you enough for the update on Grandma. I've been wondering and it's so nice to hear that she's doing better. YAY for Steve being home this weekend! Super cute pictures. Love you guys tons. :)

Tiffany Johnson said...

LOVE the dresses! they are adorable! I'm glad Steve got to be home this weekend! That was probably the best Easter treat for your girls and yourself! I'm glad you had a good time with grandma too!