Roving, Babbling, Plotting, Etc...

*A disclaimer: I only compare my kids to each other for reference, I find their differences really interesting since they come from the same gene pool and yet are so very different*
I have failed to post much about Brynlee since her birth, mostly because she hadn't really been doing much besides eating, sleeping, messing and lying on the floor. But I have fun news. Brynlee is growing up! I really should upload some video's but I don't have the patience to do it at the moment. It is so fun to hear Bryn's little/BIG voice! Kalea didn't babble like this until she was a little older, so it's been great. Brynlee likes to make all sorts of shapes with her mouth, these days, my favorite is her "O" face, which turns into her trying to blow raspberries and it is just too cute. She tries to blow so hard and most of the time it doesn't work, but her cheeks puff up so big! So basically, she can say the word "wow" because of this- smart baby! She had me laughing so hard on my birthday I was crying- Kalea was very concerned until she realized I was crying happy laughter tears, then she tried copying me. Another fun thing Brynlee's doing is sucking on her bottom lip as hard as she possibly can until she makes that weird croaking/frog noise. It is hilarious, the first time she did it she scared herself into a fit, but now she loves it. I love that she is constantly making noise- what a weird thing to say, but sometimes it's really nice to just have some background noise to my day. What else is new with Brynlee? She rolls all over the place now, I went to put something in the kitchen a few days ago and left her in the middle of the living room and when I got back a minute later she had rolled under Kalea's highchair in our eating nook- impressive. Kalea was not a roller baby, she did it a handful of times and then decided to crawl. Please don't comment about how her brain may not be fully functioning because she didn't roll enough, she is too smart for her own good most days :) Brynlee is well on her way to the crawling thing too, so I expect we'll be a lot busier in the coming months. We are also noticing how Brynlee is very interested in people, she's an observer. She laps up everything around her and it's fun to see the little wheels turning. She's much more cautious about things than her big sister- which leads us to believe that she'll also get fooled into doing a lot of things she wouldn't otherwise do. Someone made the comment to me that it'll probably be Brynlee that ends up with all the broken bones because Kalea will be the one bossing her into doing things. I am 100% expecting this to be the case, but hey, at least my expectations are realistic! I think whatever "trouble" they get into together will only help their bond, and I'm looking forward to witnessing how their little minds work together.
These girls are both so much fun, I couldn't have asked for two better little people to have in my home. Some days are not so glamorous or perfect and I wonder what the heck I was thinking, but these kids are teaching me so much about myself, I can't help but love them and be grateful.

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the fellers said...

I dont think that you were "bad" comparing them, I always compare my kids. It was like when I had Scoty that I expected all my kids to do the same things at the same time, but then I had Rylee and it was 100% different, it is just so interesting to see the different milestones met at different times and the different personalities come out. It is ALSO fun as they grow to see the similarities come out as well, my kids have the weirdest similarities, it is so fun to watch them grow!