It's Been A ______ Day

*You fill in the blank, I'll tell the story and try to make it sound as minimally depressing as humanly possible.*
Steve left early this morning to go back to Ft. McMurray for work- BUMMER! I hate saying goodbye and knowing I won't see him face to face for another 10-14-who knows how many days? I hate that everytime he leaves Kalea and I both have a meltdown, only she's more easily distracted than I am, so hers passes much quicker than mine. I think I just dislike playing the dual parent role, it's hard to be a bit of everything everyday, so these 4 day visits are a welcomed break from that.
While Steve and I were saying goodbye, Brynlee decided to roll multiple times around us- cute! Later in the day, Kalea occupied herself coloring for around 45mins- this is a huge development since her attention span for coloring is usually only about 5mins!
Later still, Brynlee decided to fall asleep with me- this never happens anymore- I felt so lucky! I love sleeping babies, they're so warm and look so divine.
When Brynlee and I woke up, I decided Kalea must be done napping- she plays when she wakes up now. So up the stairs I start to go see, only my nose smells the rancid odor of, well, you know, "feces" at about step #2. I knew it was going to be bad. I did not know it was going to be that bad. I hear Kalea talking to herself, so I throw open the door and step into a pile of... FECES! If anyone knows me though, sometimes when I'm taken off-guard I start to laugh. So that's what I did, I laughed and cursed under my breath as I discovered that there were FOUR little piles of human waste in a little trail from a few feet in front of her door to her favorite play place in the closet =) It was just a wonderful bonding experience for the two of us. While I picked up piles of her shtuff Kalea gave me hugs and patted my back and laughed right along with me. I especially love how cooperative she was when we found her completely dry/clean diaper in the closet next to one of the infamous piles =) Seriously, she jibber-jabbered at me, grabbed the diaper, lay down and basically put it on by herself, impressive no? Lovely really.
I guess this is just one of those uber glamorous mom days that I'll look back at and maybe miss... or not... I got puked on today too, so probably won't miss it, but we'll laugh about it, yes we will!

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The Staheli's said...

YOU will look back and laugh...as for me, I'm already laughing. :) LOL!!!!!! Only about the feces...not so much about Steve. You are seriously a trooper. Love ya tons! Hopefully this little trick of Kalea's doesn't turn into daily routine. :)