Why Bikram Was So Great Last Night

1. When I am tired I get grumpy and need to get away, so last nights' class was a great escape.
2. I get "high" from it, I'm talking wired for the next few hours so I get a lot done- even if it means I'm up until midnight.
3. Post Bikram showers are the best and longest because I don't have little people waiting for me or wanting to jump in with me since it's usually after bedtime when I get home.
4. I felt looser/more flexible last night, I'm talking touching toes while stretching and all that good stuff.
5. I feel skinny after and I stand taller- yay for getting my good posture back.
6. It was hot and steamy and since my day was spent cool and dry it was a very welcome change of climate.
7. I got to enjoy a class taught by the girl who owns the studio and she was SO helpful, as in she did some of the poses with us and even paused the class at one point to show us all exactly how to do triangle the correct way, explaining the mechanics of how your body is moving, etc... It was so much more helpful. She also opened the door more frequently than any other instructor I've had, to let the cool air waft in and it felt awesome.
8. I really enjoy the mind over matter part of this yoga and although I suck at camel I did it for like 20 seconds last night and that's better than nothing. And then when I was leaving I saw a picture of a very pregnant person doing camel and I felt less accomplished :S
9. Post yoga chats are always a good reason to attend with a friend!
10. I slept like a log last night- remember how I hadn't had a good sleep in a few nights, yeah this totally made it all better. Yay sleep!

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Megan said...

I have wanted to try hot yoga forever but I didn't know of any yoga places close by. Of course, I discovered one last week, but now can't go because I am pretty sure it's not recommended for pregnant girls... Maybe next winter...