Funny Valentine

We went out to Redwood Meadows with the Marusiaks this weekend. It was nice, to say the least. Shhh don't tell my parents we did this instead of going to church! It was actually a really nice break from everything and everyone and just what our cabin fevered family needed!
I attempted to get some pictures to accurately document our weekend... Steve and Jon showing each other more love than anyone else cares to see, Brynlee refusing to look at the camera- she probably couldn't turn her head from all the layers... Kalea only posing for one picture with Brynlee- of course she had to make a quasi modo face and last but not least, Kalea completely not paying attention to the camera!


Sarah said...

Aw you missed my talk! That's okay it was boring anyways. I'm not so much concerned about the not going to church as I am about the picture of your husbands...haha. Looks like fun and you look good in all the pictures :)

The Staheli's said...

Love the new pictures. Glad you got a little break! :)