Teething Sucks But Steve Is Awesome

The only relief from Brynlee's pain: frozen, yogurt tube.
I couldn't figure out what to title this post. Brynlee is teething... but I think she has a virus too... maybe because of the teething... I don't know... What I do know is that our house has had two very awake nights because of it and this momma is TIRED. I am grateful that when her front, top and bottom teeth came in we didn't have any real issues, just fevers and runny noses, all miraculously cured by Infant Tylenol and teething rings. I am not so grateful that these molars are taking their sweet, irritating time to actually show themselves. I feel so bad for Bryn, she is usually such a happy girl. Last week when I ran my finger along her gums to "check our progress" there were actually little slits from the molars, yesterday when I did the same procedure just huge swollen mounds... POOR BABY! How frustrating! She couldn't figure it out yesterday, everything was just bad/sad/no good and she let us know it. Besides being up every 2hrs Tuesday night she was actually whimpering away in her sleep. She did the same last night too. It was no surprise that Kalea woke up at 6:30 right along with Brynlee, since let's be honest, it is hard to sleep through the whimpering all night. Hopefully we are past the worst of it now.
Because of the up and down through the night, Steve and I have been more zombie-like throughout the day than we usually are.
Example #1 of Steve's Awesome-ness: Yesterday he worked all morning, came home, put on sweats and decided to go tanning so he could have a 20min catnap and when he got home he informed me I would be getting my catnap at 2:30... Thank goodness because at 1:30 I was trying to fall asleep on the couch to the sounds of... you guessed it, whimpering/whining. Thanks Steve for making sure I got my nap too.
Example #2 of Steve's Awesome-ness: On less than awesome days I sometimes wonder how I will ever look back at this time in our lives with "fondness", I wonder how I will ever think that this was the "most wonderful" time in our married life because yesterday was a challenge and today probably will be to. But Steve, again, stepped in and made that post-dinner time so great. We play quite a lot of music in our house, so that equates to regular family dance parties, but last night was quite the spectacle. The girls weren't really happy with our usual song choices, so Steve found a song for all ages... THE CHICKEN DANCE... you all know the one I'm talking about, the one that people play at weddings and adults and children alike flap their arms and act a fool, well that was our house for a good 15mins last night. Kalea thought it was hilarious and Brynlee finally stopped whimpering! In that moment of hysterics and complete oddity I had the sense that that moment is exactly the kind that I will look back on with fondness. Mental picture taken and filed away.

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The Hatch Family said...

Poor baby girl (and poor Mommy). We have been dealing with 2 year molars here this month and I could have given the little man away.......not fun!
It is funny that you mentioned looking back on these moments. I was thinking the same thing in the car yesterday as I was listening to a good old country song that was saying that same thing (my kids were crying and cranky at that moment) and I was wondering if I really would "miss" this!!! lol.