The Princess and the Pea... er... Box

Kalea is really starting to develop and use her imagination lately. It's really fun to watch/listen to her play with her dolls or cars and Brynlee. I think she's finally actually treating her dolls like little friends now so it's no surprise that when her dolls go to bed, Kalea wants to lie down with them... even if it means squishing herself into a wipes box with them!

She was snoring logs, I could hear her from the landing on our stairs, and couldn't believe that she had actually fallen asleep holding onto the box. Needless to say, Kalea was extremely confused when she half woke up, in the box, with her dolls beneath/beside her. I should've taken a pic of her face she had a giant red splotch on her forehead from where it was resting on one of the dolls. Too funny. She was so out of it that she hobbled to her bed and stuck her legs in the air for me to change her diaper and then let me put PANTS on... sidenote, she's been wearing the dress pictured all week, as in even when I dress her in something different she unfailingly ends up in this dress- even going so far as to steal it out of the laundry room, and further, the dress is actually Brynlee's which makes it fit more like a t-shirt on Kalea's big kid self... You know she's out of it when she actually lets me put pants on her, it was awesome. After the day we had, I sure was glad that the eerie quiet just meant she was finally asleep, not destroying something else.
Oh and just for the purpose of remembering, yesterday Kalea and Brynlee broke into the laundry room which also houses the hot water tank/furnace/storage room... They somehow managed to tear the temperature control knob off the hot water tank- thank goodness it was just the plastic piece that pops back on, but still, what in the H were they doing in there, they could've done so much worse?!?!?!!!! They also tore my mom's VHS copy of Mary Poppins out of the VCR, I don't even know how they got it out but I pulled a good amount of the fragments out of the VCR while I practiced breathing deeply and counting to 10! They also decided it would be a great idea to climb onto the tv stand and jump off, which resulted in zero injuries but a million fingerprints all over the plasma tv that Steve gifted himself for Christmas... Um, yeah shhhhh he doesn't know about that one :) Let's just say, yesterday was "busy" and I'm glad that today we are dealing with a much mellower crowd.

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Scott and Tara said...

Thats funny! When I come to Calgary I need to see these two in action!