What We Loved About Our Trip

Since all the pictures are already on Facebook, everyone already knows what we did, but now I get to tell you what we absolutely loved, in no particular order...

1. The warm hug of humidity when the flight attendants opened the door of the plane.
2. The Christmas lights around our resort, just like in the movies!
3. The way the sand at our beach felt like powder.
4. How you could walk out into the ocean for such a long way before it got chest deep.
5. The sound of our bird friends in the morning, or anytime, their black birds are way less annoying than ours are.
6. The swim-up bar(virgin drinks obviously) and the reactions from the bartenders' everytime we said "no alcohol" ie. Pretend you are hearing my mexican accent... "no alhol? c'mon, little alhol, is nice out, relax... no? okay no alhol" :)
7. Hanging out with our Boise State friends and getting to experience a bunch of really fun things with them ie. being "lost at sea" on the catamaran; zip-lining at crazy heights; night-time ocean frolic(steve and james, angela and i were way too scared to get eaten by a shark or something) crazy cab rides; bartering with Mexicans who think we're "el cheapo", getting mistaken for Angela's mom, etc...
8. Laying in the sun and doing absolutely nothing else.
9. Eating whenever we wanted- although it made us sick.

10. Making up our own "fun schedule" with all the activities that the resort had to offer, there was only one day when we didn't really do anything.
11. Being child free for a little bit (it was very timely for the kids and for us to have a break from each other, it sounds horrible, but I think sometimes everyone needs a break)
12. Swinging/falling asleep in hammocks and not being freezing cold
13. Soft serve at the beach snack shack, wish we had found that way sooner, although it's probably better for the weight loss plan that we didn't!

I think that's basically it. We had some really really fun times together and with Steve's co-workers. It's really great that Steve works with so many people that I actually know and had been connected to back before we were all married. In that sense the whole vacation seemed more like the movie Couple's Retreat and less like being on vacation with people that you just work with. Oh and minus the weird yoga guy... boom...

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