Airplane Etiquette

Flowers at Tulum
Just some random thoughts Steve and I had while discussing our flights, enjoy!

1. Why or how is it that anytime a kid walks down the aisle they find a way to kick your feet or hit your shoulder? Without fail, every time, even if you think your appendages are tucked safely out of the danger zone they still manage to make contact, it's so weird/funny.
2. Passing gas while walking down the aisle is equal to just bending over and letting it off in someone's face, therefore you should squeeze the cheeks to avoid being "that gross guy" who did it like, 5 times...
3. Before boarding your flight- smell check. Nobody wants to sit next to somebody with BO nor does anybody want to share conversation with a person who has ridiculously bad breathe.
4. Which brings me to my biggest pet peeve coming home... When you fall asleep on the plane next to a stranger, isn't it more, um, appropriate (?) to direct your face away from them and perhaps not sleep with your mouth gaping open, thus blowing your disgusting bad breathe all over the other person? I thought so...
5. If your kid is violently sick the day before you leave, and is still violently sick when you're at the airport, perhaps it's a good idea to call the travel agent and see if you can get your kid slightly more "well" before boarding a flight with a few hundred other people. And on that note, if your kid is filling up everyone's "air sickness bags" it might be a good idea to take them to the bathroom and save them the stress of trying to heave into such a small target, thus saving the rest of us all of the awesome sound effects :)


The Wolff Den said...

Hahaha! Love it--sounds like you got to ride first class! :)

.the palsky's. said...

hahah sick. hopefully you didn't get the nasty puke smell filling up the cabin. i also hate when people put their seats down and hit your knees..realize they've crashed into your knees, and decide to not lift up their seat.

when we went to hawaii for our honeymoon, we took a night flight, and had a 3 year old scream the entire flight. i've never hated a child as much as i did that night.

Carmen said...

LOL! Awesome post, although it does not sound like your flight was awesome. I cannot wait to continue reading all about your trip

The Hatch Family said...

hahaha. I bet you were so HAPPY not to be the parent with the puking child!!
I'm looking forward to more pics and details of the trip. I am so happy (and jealous) that you got a trip away. I told T and my parents that we are going on a nice tropical vacation in 3 years for our 10 year anniversary so they better be prepared to babysit for the week :) I figure that should give them plenty of notice!