6 a.m. & Being a Mom

I swore on my life not very long ago that I would not/could not ever get up and work out at 6 a.m. So now that I have done that, what happens? I guess I'm never swearing on my life again!
Anywho, I'm learning lots through this process of challenging my mind/body. This morning was a way different experience than last week when I went to a class in the evening, with a buddy, in a more crowded room. This time was very early, by myself, with about 15 other people. The room felt way hotter than last week. It was really hard to focus, my mind was trying to think about all the things I had to get done today, and it wasn't as meditative (is that even a word?) But I conquered the worst part of the whole thing by actually getting up before 6, making sure I had a decent snack and some water beforehand and I made it through another class. Pretty awesome.
I'm starting to notice how hard I am on myself. The instructor even made the comment "Lighten up guys, smile, it's just yoga". I think she said that just for me, at least that's how it felt. Also, smiling helps relax your face which helps you breathe easier, but that's beside the point :P Anyways, in general I hold myself to a pretty high standard of performance I guess... no it's true. So when I'm focused on how "bad" I'm doing I fall out of posture, and today instead of just sucking it up and being persistent and pushing the negative thoughts out of my head, I found myself paying too much attention to them.
The internal battle begins. In hindsight, and for future reference I did some poses today really really well that I could not do the first night without falling out, so that's amazing progress already. If exercise has the potential to be addictive, I may have a problem. No, really. This is the best workout I have EVER done and it's "just stretching". Ha.

It was also great to jump in the shower before my girls were even out of bed and then have them SO excited to see me when I emerged from the bathroom. They were SO happy this morning, it was great. I took them out to Mom&Tots at our church and they had a pretty good time. I think Kalea enjoyed all the space to run, although I wish she would stay in the gym so I don't have to worry about her getting outside and into the parking lot(she can and will do that I'm not just being over protective).
Brynlee loves just watching kids, let alone running around with them, so she was happy for the most part too. As a Mom, it's fun to watch them play and see how they interact with other kids and get a glimpse into how they deal with different situations/personalities... That being said, it's also hard to see your child trying so hard to interact with other kids, when those other kids aren't being very nice. She'll learn pretty quick who she wants to spend time around and who she doesn't I'm sure, but today it was hard to sit back as much as I did and watch. I'm glad she's not old enough to really understand what was going on, but I really hope that she doesn't have to deal with stuff like that constantly for the next few years. Ugh... So that almost negated all of the positive side effects of my morning yoga session :) I am pretty sure we left today more for my own sake than for either of the kids! Ha! Love being a mom...
*Post Edit* "She" as in Kalea, not Brynlee. Haha


Megan said...

Benson escaped from Mom & Tots and got out to the parking lot last year. In February. Without shoes.
Our kids are nuts!

The Hatch Family said...

That is so awesome! Before you know it you will be so addicted.....a real workout junkie, alternating morning runs with early morning yoga!!!
I honestly find taking that time to myself makes me a more patient parent. The days when I feel out of control are when it has been too long since I had that me time.

Steve and Alli said...

Meg, seriously where do our kids get this "crazy" gene, I was thinking we were both pretty normal?!
Sheri, I am going running tonight! LOL I am sure it'll be more of a walk, but yay for starting!

Kim said...

Good job getting up early to work out!! I'm so impressed!! I always tell myself that I need my sleep so I can deal all day...but you've got me thinking that it may be a good time to actually get something done! :)