Flight Attendants

Good morning birdies. Outside the sliding glass doors in our personal paradise.

I had to HAD to write a shout out to our flight attendants- not that any of them are reading blogs these days. I'm assuming that they don't have time for things like that when they're busy "securing the cabin" etc...
We had fantastic flight crews on both flights, and by fantastic I mean they actually seemed happy to be flying with us. Except for the one time when one of them literally made me wake up one of our friends to remove his big headphones, just in case he gets all tangled up and chokes himself??? It was a really strange request, since our friend is in his 20s and has survived this long.
Anyways, reasons our flight crews (west jet if you're wondering) were awesome:
1. When a random Chinese lady got blocked going back to her seat by the flight crew distributing drinks, and chose to practically sit in my lap, every single one of them laughed so hard they had tears in their eyes. I have to admit, it was pretty hilarious, she didn't say a word or even look at me, she just made herself comfortable and well, we were all very entertained.
2. When Steve made me fill out all the customs stuff on board and said something to the effect of "I got married so I'd never have to do this" (ha ha) they all gave me their condolences, including a HUG! It was pretty funny, and no I don't have issues filling forms out, in fact, I really enjoy the process and I think my writing is neater, and that's important on some weird level, right?
3. On our flight home we had a "trainee" who was very purposefully reading his script every time he had to make an announcement. Steve and I know this because we were sitting in row 1 for that flight, so we had access to all the "behind the scenes" of that flight and it was VERY entertaining. His trainer would say, "Okay, this time don't say that cheesy beginning part" and every time he would use the script she would die, it was hilarious.
4. Ha, on that note, the female "trainer" had some awesome mishaps during the fasten your seatbelt/how to inflate life vest demo, that we were all in stitches for the first 10mins of our flight, it was epic.
5. When we were waiting for our baggage with the million other people waiting for baggage at 2a.m. our lovely flight attendant came running over to a little girl and gave her the stuffed puppy she had left on the plane- she didn't have to ask whose it was, she knew exactly which little girl the puppy belonged to. Amazing.
Thanks flight attendants, we loved sharing our flights with you!

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the fellers said...

I am So OCD and always am the one to fill everything out in our relationship. It is a lot easier to just do it and not make him do it and ask me what to put in each line...