Why My Husband Is The Best/Cutest/Awesomest & A Good Read

Sorry if this makes anyone feel like their own husband is a slacker, but mine is pretty rad and here are the latest reasons...
1. Instead of telling me when he was coming home, Steve called on Saturday morning and asked to be put on speaker with Kalea, to tell her that he was coming home that very night!
2. He made us girls a stellar chocolate chip waffle breakfast on Sunday morning- even though he was up late and recovering from the eastern to mountain standard time change.
3. His carry-on wasn't a carry on at all, it was a super duper cute stuffed lobster for Brynlee.
4. He, and he alone, eradicated the mouse situation by tearing apart our basement storage area and finding exactly where those little *%(#&$^@# were nesting. He then proceeded to make it impossible for them to ever be comfortable in our home again.
5. When we woke up yesterday he turned to me and said "Let's take our mom's to Cora's for breakfast." To which I said, "Okay, but I have to shower". He responded "You go get ready and I'll get the girls ready". So off I went. Well, post shower I get a knock on the door from Kalea, so I open it and she is NOT ready AT ALL. Then Steve appears and he is NOT ready AT ALL. So I look at him and start my usual "How am I supposed to get everyone ready in the next 10 mins?" schpiel and he says "I'm not going and neither are the kids", to which I respond "What? Yes you are, go get dressed", to which he says "Nope, you are going out for a girls' day and I am going to watch the kids, so hurry up and get ready". WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?! Yes indeed I got to go SHOPPING with NO KIDS! I even got to have breakfast and lunch with NO SCREECHING, NO WHINING, NO FOOD SHARING, and NO CLIMBING OUT OF BOOSTER SEATS/HIGH CHAIRS!!! Blissful, wonderful, peaceful morning/afternoon of no stress! It was great, I had fantastic company and got some cute stuff and didn't have to worry about $$$ for the first time in a looooong time.
I am so happy to have Steve home, and honestly, all the extra's this week were unncessary, but very much appreciated. I survive pretty good without a lot of "stuff", but I really do have the sweetest, kindest, most selfless, wonderful husband on the planet. It is no small thing to not have Daddy at home for extended periods of time, it really does have a noticeable effect on kids- even at this early of an age. For now, I think our research into single parent family living is over. We have concluded that marriage really is an institution that weakens in the absence of one parent, no matter how valiant the effort to keep stability in the home. Chaos inevitably ensues in one form or another ie. poop or mice or if you're lucky, both. When, in our case, Daddy returns, life becomes stable and the level of happiness and peace in our home increases rapidly. It is one of those things that I didn't really notice before.
Speaking of marriage, I love it and I picked up an awesome book yesterday by Bruce C. Hafen called "Covenant Hearts: Marriage and the Joy of Human Love"(no this isn't a paid advertisement). But, I am pretty sure it is one of the best I have ever read on marriage/family life and I am only half way through it. This one is worth a day of neglecting your kids to read it all the way through HA! It's written from an LDS perspective, but it's really, in my opinion, a good read for anyone regardless of religious background. Great insight into what's happening in our world today and how we've gotten to this point, etc... I am loving it, and if my opinion changes I will let you know, but I am pretty sure I will still love it when I'm done later tonight.
So, to summarize, my husband=amazing, my new book=amazing, my marriage=not perfect, but amazing :)


The Hatch Family said...

This makes me so happy just reading it!!! I am so glad that you were spoiled this week.....you DESERVE it and then some.

Megan said...

So sweet!

Carmen said...

So glad your hubby treated you so well when he got home. Is he home for good now or what is the situation? You really do deserve to have some time away and I can only imagine how difficult things are when you are doing it all 95% of the time. Kudos to you!

The Staheli's said...

You can just FEEL the happiness radiating in this post! YAY for Steve being home and being such a great husband & daddy! :)