There's a video link on facebook right now about a lady, Jianna Gessen, who survived a late-term abortion. It made me think about Kalea and the scare we had in one of her ultrasounds, which lead to some less than appealing "options" being brought up by some rather unprofessional ultrasound techs/doctors. My own doctor was furious with those individuals because what they found wasn't something that would necessitate one of these "options" to be discussed. And yet, in the past people have aborted, due to this kind of delinquent medical advice. We have a beautiful, happy and healthy child, I shudder to think about how many others aren't here because of such poor "advice".
We would've loved Kalea in whatever physical or mental state she came to us and we're grateful for the way she did come to us. Something to think about.


The Wolff Den said...

I just watched her video on Facebook...WOW. What an amazing speaker.

Jacqui said...

My friend just posted something similar today. Her son had a prenatal diagnosis that ends up in 94% of parents aborting. She didn't and yes, he has some pretty major issues and downs syndrome but he's so lovely and happy and is smiling and laughing even before her older daughter did. It is so life-affirming to see.