So for the past month it seems our complex has been visited by quite possibly the worst "landscaping company" on the planet. I put that in quotations because that's what they call themselves, but I don't believe they actually do the job they're hired to. Anyways, about this time last week I heard this most annoying noise and looked out my kitchen window to see leaves/debris flying into the air and onto my deck... What the heck? So I go outside and low and behold, it is somebody with a leaf blower, blowing leaves out of my neighbors' flower beds- not owned by the co-op, and blowing them across the grass and sidewalk and into the street... Today, the same thing is happening as I type this. SAME EXACT THING.
First, what is ridiculous about this task is that because it's been raining/snowing/windy, the leaves are very wet/heavy, therefore, perhaps a leaf blower isn't the best method for trying to get rid of them. Second, we live on the ridge of Fish Creek, and the wind blows towards us, maybe not such a bright idea to blow the leaves into the street, since they will only end up blowing back. Third, my neighbors have leaves in their flowerbeds for a very specific reason, therefore, probably don't make them angry by making it your weekly goal to blow the leaves out of their flowerbeds. Fourth, you are making it impossible for me to have any "quiet time" with the kids before they go have afternoon naps.
I have even gone out to talk to the stupid guy and ask him to go away so my kids can sleep and guess what? He didn't even notice I was there, or just blatantly ignored me. He stopped blowing leaves and I said "Excuse me can..." and he starts blowing again. He is not wearing any earplugs... I don't want to make assumptions... Except that I do! Ugh! I am SO ANNOYED!
We recently bought a rake for like $5, I wish they would do the same so I don't have to hear the howling of their stupid leaf blowers for the next few months- until I will undoubtedly be hearing their snow blowers, probably blowing snow into the street that will blow back onto the sidewalk, which will mean I will be having this hate/hate relationship with these guys for the next 8mths... GRRRRRRRRRRR

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The Staheli's said...

*reading as our landscapers are outside using leaf blowers* LOL!!!! I'm sorry. It really is SO ANNOYING! Especially with little ones. And you are right...probably not the best method with the weather you guys have been having. Good luck!