This year we spent Thanksgiving up in Edmonton with Steve's family minus a few. It was lots of fun. The kids played/wrestled/danced/watched movies/did hair, etc...
Of course, what would a holiday weekend be without Kalea pulling some kind of awesome, death defying act? She must have nine lives or something.
The little hooligan decided she wanted to experience the luxury of Jesse and Serena's ensuite bathtub all by herself. So she got in and filled that beautiful tub to over-flowing. We think she must've got mighty cold because when she was found she was no longer in the overflowing bathtub, but rather dancing naked with her uncle's toothbrush beside the tub.
I'm not trying to make light of the situation, it could have been so SO much worse. Steve and I had both had impressions that we should find out where Kalea was, but we weren't quick to respond and I certainly felt the sting of that since I had a very specific impression and I ignored it. I can't imagine the guilt I would've felt if things had gone the other way. Stomache turning.
The next best part of it all was that once Kalea was "rescued" from her crazy self,
I went to grab a diaper and she proceeded to try and escape down the staircase. Um, Jesse and Serena's house is very open, so said staircase can be viewed from family room/kitchen/dining room. Did I mention the missionaries that joined us for dinner, they sat on the stairs...
Yes that's right, my naked child almost ran her naked self into one of those missionaries! Oh yeah, in front of a house full of relatives :) AWESOME.
Needless to say, we left relatively soon following that wonderful exhibit from our "spirited child". PS the food was AMAZING, hopefully people remember that and forget Kalea's nakedness!
In other news...
We got to go to the temple on Saturday and it was so nice for so many reasons.
It's always great to see familiar faces and to be in a room full of mostly family makes the experience a bit more special. We also hadn't been for quite a while, so it was great to be back, especially to our temple. Loved it.
Our kids got up early enough on Sunday that we decided to go out to Sherwood Park for 9 o'clock church. It was so nice to be "home". Again, familiar faces and a room full of friends.
It was fun to show off the kids, and get to visit with people who I haven't seen for a few years. Thank goodness for blogs and facebook although, I think they are a poor substitute for face to face contact, like really poor, as in, when exactly is our next *SPARK* gathering???
Oh, and the ride home...
Steve had to drive separately from me and the girls because he picked up his company car. Never. Again.
I'm just super grateful that a) nobody hit us/we didn't collide with any deer, etc... and b) no cops decided to pull me over and find that Kalea was sitting in front of her seatbelt, not buckled into her seat?! Oh yes. We have lots to be grateful for.


The Hatch Family said...

Your picture didn't show up again :(
Darn that blogger.
You made my heart stop just thinking about how bad that tub situation could have been. I am always so paranoid about that at my parents house since it is so easy for them to turn it on.
BUT at least you had your hubby with you to make it that much easier!!

Carmen said...

Uh, your child is CRAZY, but I love it! Your girls are so adorable and fun and you are a great mom. I can only imagine how tired you must be at the end of a day like that.

Kim said...

I was sad that I didn't get to chat...but it was nice seeing you at church! And your girls are adorable!! What a scary experience. Cody is always telling me that I need to listen to the spirit more carefully...so glad everything was okay :)