Under the Weather

Well we caught it... You know... That pesky summer bug that everyone has right now?! Pain in the butt! I hate having a stuffy head, but I especially hate that when the kids and I get it at the same time, it makes it a million times harder to be "fun mom". On the bright side, our grass is finally in and ready to play on, so if we're super bored inside we can go out back! Oh joy! LOL This is a huge big deal if you saw our yard before we ripped it apart. We're hoping to get some deck boards to finish half the deck before next payday. Ha, I asked Steve what we should get Kalea for her bday and he responded, "Um, I think I just got her a new backyard and we'll throw her a kick-A party". Can't really argue with him on that. We're so happy to have everything so close to done so we can just sit out there for what's left of our summer nights. Pictures will come when all is perfectly finished!
On a completely different note, our microwave decided to shoot sparks last week, so we "roughed it" while we hunted for something new & improved. Tonight Steve brought me home a beauty of a microwave. It's so quiet compared to our old hand-me-down. We're excited to be able to make our microwave popcorn and reheat food- Steve is especially grateful for that because heating things up in the oven/on the stove is such a tedious task :P Love love it!
Speaking of food, I made a home-cooked meal today! And I made it so it was ready at a normal meal-time! We sat down at the table and Steve looks at me and with a sense of awe and wonder says, "Alli, we're eating dinner at dinner time". Quite a momentous occassion on so many levels! I guess we both scored some brownie points today!
Last but not least, Brynlee. Gosh, where do I begin? She is just the freaking love of my life, besides Steve and Kalea obviously. I had her in the bath tonight while Steve and Kalea went out and she was kicking and splashing and just loving life, but her face is so serious when she's having fun! It was too funny! She looked angry at the water and was growling and had this crazy scowl on her face, but holy hannah did she not want to get out of that tub! An epic battle! But her bedtime routine went much better than usual- partly because she's sick and probably tired of seeing my puffy, red-nosed face. I wrapped her up and put her down with her bottle and as I said goodnight she stuck her little hand out of her crib and waved at me. MELT!!! Made me feel 100x better than my cold medicine did today!


Megan said...

Yeah... we "bought Emmett" a trampoline for his birthday... Second kids get the shaft! He does love the trampoline though!

The Staheli's said...

I love reading your blog. Congrats on the new microwave & the home cooked meal! That has become more of a "momentous occasion" for us these days too. :) Give those girlies a hug for me.