Forgot My Camera-UGH!

We went to a wedding last night- well the reception part. It was for a girl that Steve has played volleyball with since at least 5yrs ago when we started dating. It was so fun to see her in something other than sweats & t-shirt or bikini & shorts :) Kinda funny to think I'd never seen her in anything else hahaha. I didn't take my camera, which I am kicking myself for now because for dinner she stayed in her wedding dress which was so gorgeous I could cry just thinking about it- tears of sadness for how much she probably spent on it, but it was SO worth it. After dinner, for the speeches Thuy (pronounced like tie or Thai) changed into a traditional red outfit. It was SO pretty, and the headdress was this bound fabric that is apparently super heavy. I wish we could've stayed to see what other outfits she changed into throughout the night. Moving on...
We were seated at a table with a bunch of the others that Steve plays volleyball with, Gwen is Asian and hysterical. Favorite convo from the night:
Gwen: Wow this wedding is so on-time, like down to the minute.
Steve: Wasn't your wedding on-time?
Gwen: No, I'm not that Asian. Everything is just so perfect.
Steve: Yeah, this food is awesome, do all you Asians do food like this?
Gwen: I guess, but ours was a 10 course served sit-down meal.
Steve: Oh, totally not on-time or anything?
Gwen: No, it was, it was just a big party. It was New Years, so it was just crazy.
Steve: So you're not that Asian at all huh, Gwen?
Gwen: *evil eye to Steve*
Laughed my butt off. I love how Asians compare themselves to each other so much- I can say this because I experienced it first-hand. It's so funny to me. I guess we all do it, but the way they do it is so funny, they're just so brutally honest with their opinions, and then they laugh and continue the conversation like they never said anything that sounded even remotely rude?!
On another note, Thuy made us bring our kids. Um, yeah never doing that again, unless it's a family wedding, our children should not be present. Here is my list of why we won't bring them again.
1. Bryn is too mobile to stay in one spot without being restrained in her carseat or sat on someone's lap. So, I didn't even finish all my yummy Asian food and I def didn't get to try any of the desserts- that's crazy right there.
2. Kalea is in the middle of figuring out the whole potty thing. Kind've embarassing when she stands on her chair, grabs her diaper and says "Pooooooooo pooooooooo!" until one of us notices. But on the bright side, she went potty in a public bathroom for the first time!
3. Kalea is too curious. She found the box with all the extra favors in them. Yeah, needless to say, we came home with quite a few extra's.
4. Um grossest part of the night was realizing that Kalea's diaper was leaking a substance of particular grossness onto my white skirt. Which in turn brought our swift and early exit from Thuy's reception.
And that boys and girls is what causes people to question having children and why we do not bring our children to "non-family" weddings :D

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