A Good Night

I meant to blog about this earlier in the week but neglected because I didn't want to sound like too much of a teenager... Ha! I don't think the effects of our night out have worn off at all. This was basically the most fun Steve and I have had at a concert since we saw Tim Magraw, when we were dating 5yrs ago. We were thoroughly entertained all night and it made the big price-tag of the tickets SO WORTH IT. I bought the tickets at a time when I probably shouldn't have even thought about it, since we weren't in the best financial situation. But I figured we'd make back to money and be fine and since the concert was near the end of the summer, we would be in definite need of a night out after all our weeks apart/hardly any date nights. I'm so glad I bought those tickets! Steve even forgot his cellphone- this is unheard of he practically sleeps with that thing. It took a while for me to be okay with the fact we didn't have the phone on us- as if we would've noticed it ringing? The bass was so loud you could feel the thumping in your chest, and I mean that quite literally. It was LOUD. I haven't listened to anything that loud in so long for fear of destroying my kids' ears. It was awesome. So awesome that if we ever get the chance to go again, we will, and next time we will get our tix for the party pit so we can dance and scream and shout with all those crazy kids and not have "old" people looking at us funny.
PS Joe whoever you are, that is running for mayor, last time I checked you didn't pay to advertise at their concert, so keep your stupid balloons to yourself. You irritated the heck out of us with the play-by-play of where they were being tossed around before the show. We were thrilled when the security guards sat on and further popped your balloons and we will not be voting for you.

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