So I watched Dateline or 20/20 last night... BAD IDEA WHEN STEVE ISN'T HOME!!!! It freaked me out so bad, so SO BAD. Every stupid little noise I heard gave me a mini-heart attack. While I was watching it I realized I had left the back screen open and front door unlocked and I happened to be in the basement. Seriously. After watching for a good 45mins I decided I had to turn it off, I didn't even care to know what happened anymore, I just wanted to be in my bed. Lesson learned.
In other news...
I love that Brynlee is crawling all over the place, it's so fun! I also hate that she's crawling all over the place. She is quite the hoover vacuum, making sure not to miss anything Kalea has dropped on the floor. Then again, at this rate, with all the chasing and bending down to pick stuff up I might drop a few pounds! HA! It's a lovely dream!
What else?
We ventured out to Midnapore Lake on Friday. It was gorgeous and Kalea had so much fun splashing and playing with Hayden, and the big kids. One thing that is not so fun about Lake dates is the lack of actual relaxation for the Momma's. I was a bit more vigilant with Kalea than usual just because of her weird aversion to water since her little incident in Saskatoon. Which brings me to one of my gripes. Why is it that there is always an obnoxious older kid wherever we go? One that always ALWAYS says things to the little kids like, "Come into the deeper water with me!" Hello Satan, thanks but no thanks. Kalea would've gladly followed her if I hadn't been standing right there to tell her no. Pain in the bum.
Gripe #2, why does Kalea insist on drinking water from various sources that she shouldn't? Case in point, she will slurp puddle water, bird bath water and at the lake she slurped gross lake water. Does she think it tastes good? As opposed to the icy water that I packed in her sippy that is fresh and clean and contaminant free? Gross, I could throw up just thinking about it right now! Anyways, we are trying to keep ourselves entertained and I am trying not to go crazy while Steve's away.

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