Procrastination & Me...or I

Well it's time for another hilarious story brought to you by my crazy self!
Grab some popcorn folks, this one's good :D

Some time ago Steve and I discovered that our bedroom door only opens from the outside. The inside knob only turns, but never catches the latch, so in essence it is useless.
I know from sad experience that it is possible to become locked in our bedroom- luckily though the time it happened to me, Steve was downstairs with the kids and I only had to page the downstairs phone like, 20 million times before he noticed that that annoying sound wasn't coming from one of his stupid techno-crap songs he was blasting while he entertained our kids with all sorts of ridiculous "rave" moves ie. crazy flailing limbs.
Moving on...

Last night Steve went to bed early. He said he'd wait for me to come to bed before he actually went asleep asleep. Ya right. I get to our room and quietly close the door behind myself. Take note, the latch doesn't usually catch when I close it from the inside.
It was 10ish and I hopped into bed. Steve said "Luv you" rolled over and proceeded with his slumber. I in turn rolled over and went to sleep.
Which brings us to 1:30ish a.m.
Steve hears a loud thud- Kalea falling from her bed to the floor- no cries or anything, just the thud we have become familiar with. So being the good Dad he is, Steve decides to get up and put her back into her bed- so she doesn't freak out when she wakes up and realizes she's rolled underneath her bed. What a good guy.
He gets to the door, puts his hand on the knob and turns... and turns... and turns...
This is about the time I notice some weird noise and say "Hey, where are you sneaking off too?" to which he replies, "Nowhere. What the heck did you do?"
Can you see where this is going? Yup I did it. I locked us in our room. Funny thing is, Steve used to have a drill under our dresser- his spare and apparently a bedroom is the best place to store it? Well it would've come in handy, but when we ripped the deck apart he let me use it to help unscrew some things :D Great!
He was ticked. Like "I'm not talking to you" ticked.
So obviously I had to find us a way out of this situation. I was laughing pretty hard. He asked what time it was... 1:37 a.m. thank you very much.
My first thought was the old credit card trick... no luck.
My second thought was, pop the pins out of the hinges. The top one came out no problem, the bottom one seems to be stuck there for life.
Then we hear moans and whimpering. Great. I feel bad, until my "A-Ha" moment.
In a drawer next to my bed was a pair of tweezers that have seen better days. I handed them to Steve and voila, a magical flat-head screw driver was born. So at 1:55 a.m. we were free'd from our prison. And I of course recited one of my favorite historical quotes:
Free At Last! Free At Last! Thank God Almighty We're Free At Last!
To which Steve emphatically rolled his eyes and again said, "I'm not talking to you", and proceeded to put princess Kalea back into her bed.
The End.


The Wolff Den said...

Oh my word, that is too funny! At least Steve had the patience to figure things out (with the help of his smart wifey).I'm pretty sure Cub would have just kicked the door down. I am speaking from sad experience, haha!

the fellers said...

haha, that is very funny!