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I love the Mamas and the Papas...
It always feels like Monday is the day that we "recover" from the events of Sunday. This Sunday was pretty busy for us though, so today it feels that way even moreso than usual. We were actually ready for church EARLY?!?! We sat in the CHAPEL not the gym! We made it through sacrament and the first talk and the intermediate hymn! PROGRESS! Steve and I both ended up outside in the hallway, Kalea running wild down the hall and Brynlee falling asleep :) I love holding my sleeping baby- she has to be really tired to actually fall asleep in my arms, so it was nice. Kalea was a bundle of energy. Nursery is such a lifesaver. We made it to all of Sunday School and even participated by reading! Steve was holding Brynlee when he was called on to read and it was hilarious because she woke up slowly as he read and then started to clap fiercely and say "yaaaaaaaaaay" cute! I like the things we're studying right now,(David's temple and all that good stuff), and appreciate the way Bishop Hudson teaches the lessons, he really does his homework and makes things a lot more interesting.
After church we came home and put the girls down for an hour before heading over to Jon and Fern's to BBQ. It was nice to let the kids run wild and get to sit and visit. It was great because as soon as we got home, both kids went to bed!
This gave Steve and I a great chance to talk and figure out how we want to implement a few new things into our regular routine with the kids and on our own. Does anyone else find it hard to sit and read/study/discuss scriptures together as a couple? We have always been on again/off again when it comes to this. Mostly I think because we tend not to be home together all that much when the kids are sleeping, especially lately. Our bedtimes are different on certain nights, etc... So last night we decide we're going to start making a real effort to do that. Funny because after that Steve asks where I want to read and I say just flip it to something interesting... Ha, this never happens to me, but Steve flips open the book without looking, points to a passage and starts to read "Choose ye this day whom ye will serve..." Coincidence? Maybe, but it made us feel like we're making a good choice! We actually had a great study together. We stayed up entirely too late, but it was SO worth it, and I feel like I actually slept better.
Bring it on Monday! LOL

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The Hatch Family said...

I'm glad to know that we aren't the only family that vacates our entire pew half way through sacrament!!! We are making progress too so there is hope.
Thanks for the reminder about couple study time. We are going to have a chat about that tonight and get on it too!!!!