25 and Counting

Well here we are 25yrs after birth, and I'm still here. For those of you that don't know, this is a huge feat, considering I almost choked to death the day I was born. The nurses tried to kill me by not suctioning me properly, too bad for them.
I normally love my birthday day, and usually I'm super excited for the whole week leading up to the birthday day. Not so much this week, and I'm sorry for whining on the blog- very out of character for me. It was just a rude awakening to the fact that life just really does not revolve around me anymore, at all, except for today :D
So Mr. Steve is pretty much the best ever, and I mean this literally. Not only did he hear my cries for a spa massage but he threw in a "luxury facial", which I am very excited about. This means I have to shave my legs- which I think is why he decided to get me the massage, poor guy. He also loaded me up with 24 bottles of Powerade because he knows how much I fear getting another kidney stone with this second pregnancy.*Powerade has electrolytes that help your body flush toxins out, I'm a real athelete* My other awesome gift was from Kalea. She slept all night from 8:30 until 6:30 and she woke up...*gasp* HAPPY!!! She also went down for her morning nap with no problem- not a whine or whimper. This means she still loves me! Oh and, today I don't feel nauseous, so thank you Fetus! AND the SUN is SHINING and MELTING the horrible, terrible, very bad snow! This has just increased my faith exponentially! Happy freaking birthday to me!


the fellers said...

Happy birthday to you! You share the day with my little Ry Ry...she is obviously not 25...just 1...but still, i knew it was a good day to have her!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!
You should hop over to my blog to read your b'day card already>..

Kim said...

Hope you had a great birthday :)