Sorry for the complaints but seriously...

So first of all, we had our first ultrasound on Monday. Steve missed it. I won't go into details but I will say that my hormones are going mental and it's best to just hustle when I say hustle. In hindsight, I feel rather stupid and have apologized profusely. I didn't even request a picture- because I'm cheap and didn't want to spend $20 for one picture of a fetus at 12 wks and 6 days old... Apparently from the ultrasound I am now due on Nov.1st, which is 9 days before Nov.10th, and if we're calculating from my LMP then pretty freaking impossible since last time I went 9 days over... Maybe the 20wk one will be more accurate. Maybe this child is just large. Maybe I shouldn't think too much about it. Things definitely became more real seeing arms and legs and heart beating, especially since I haven't been feeling very pregnant- besides the horrible mood swings. I can't even control them and would love to just go away for the next few months and come back with the baby and my normal happy self back.
Next, Kalea is teething. I think we all know what this means. No sleep, no sleep, no sleep, clingy, clingy, clingy, screaching eagle all day long, nothing soothes her. Last night, after a string of bad parenting ideas, ie. bringing her into our bed for a midnight party, I threw in the towel and left Steve to deal with it while I slept in another room. He ended up on the futon, she cocooned in our piece of heaven- NOT FAIR. Next time she stays in the crib, end of story.
Today I was just done. We stayed home. The weather sucks. I at least got Kalea to sleep from 7-10am but only with me holding her. I had a brief, much needed visit from a friend who was uncannily in-tune with the fact that I really needed that ten minute chit chat/escape on the doorstep. Naptime rolls around and Kalea's visibly tired and not feeling well, so I go down to sleep with her. "We" got about an hour... I need about 12 at this point.
I'm pregnant. I'm cranky. I'm sleepless. I need a vacation. I have no idea why we are having another one. Today makes me wonder if the joke's one me or what?
Oh and did I mention I'm turning 25 on Friday? We won't even go there right now.


Alana said...

I feel your pain. I hate my emotions being all over the place when I'm pregnant. Hopefully Kalea's teething ends soon.

the fellers said...

I am sorry you are having a bad day! I hope tomorrow is better! ( I would like to write words like, it will get better, this too shall pass...etc etc etc...but seirously, I have been there, it sucks and we can just hope for a better day tomorrow!)...but hey, you have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl! That counts right?

Anonymous said...

let her come play with my boys for a couple hours while you get out- really I understand I've been there- pleeease call me its really no prob.- even if you just go sleep for a couple hours.

.the palsky's. said...

ohh allison..
i'm so sorry love. doesn't it seem like when it's going bad..every thing goes bad? i hope you start feeling better.